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There is a lot that goes into making a great product for your customers. Most products are built with assumptions, unfortunately, that does not lead the product down the right path. If you are looking to build an extraordinary product that your customers would love, you need to listen to their feedback and build it together with them.

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Capturing and managing your customer feedback with Featurebases product feature voting tool is extremely simple. You can sign up and create your organization in under a minute for free. After signing up you can customize your organization’s feedback board appearance and share the public board link with your customers to start gathering feedback from them.

Featurebase will automatically show all the submissions from your clients on a product roadmap to get a good sense of where you are headed and what features you are currently building or planning to build soon. You can also create changelogs to show your customers that you are constantly improving your product and to make sure that new features never go unnoticed.


Featurebase helps you:

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    Make better product decisions

    Clarify use cases upfront and listen to what your customers ultimately want.

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    Stop wasting resources on building the wrong features

    Spending months building the wrong feature that customers didn't want hurts. Featurebase lets you clarify use cases upfront.

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    Let your customers do the work

    Your customers will categories their posts as feature requests, bug fixes or general feedback. You can always add custom categories.

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    Fix your unorganized feedback process

    Organize user feedback, communicate with your clients, update submission statuses, all from one place.

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    Keep customers interested in your product

    Show them that you are constantly improving your product and listening to what they have to say.


Final thoughts

We believe Featurebase will just help you get a high-level overview of what you should build next. In the end, you are the one that sets your development path.

We understand the pain of building a product that customers love. We fully believe that Featurebase will help you take your product down the right path.

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Bruno Hiis

Co-founder @ Featurebase. Building the best customer feedback tool on the 🌎.

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