Best Feature Request Software In 2022

In this article we compare the top 3 most popular feature request software solutions to help you decide which one is the best for you.

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While there are tons of feature request tools on the market, you need to find the one that is the easiest to use, and has all the features you need while not breaking the bank.

So let's get straight into this:

1. Featurebase

Featurebase Public Board

In 2022 Featurebase is easily one of the best feature request software on the market.

It offers a large number of features like custom domains, embeddable widgets, Single Sign-On, and white-labeling while keeping a clean & super easy-to-use user interface.

A huge benefit to Featurebase is also that they have a great free plan. You can create your feedback board for completely free, and only upgrade to unlock some extra features.

As a board moderator, you have access to a stunning Dashboard that gives you a great overview of all the features your users and team members are requesting. As soon as you update a feature request all the upvoters get notified by email.

Dashboard preview


  • ·Great UI & UX
  • ·Tons of great features
  • ·Product roadmap & changelog
  • ·Widgets
  • ·24/7 live chat support
  • ·Generous free tier
  • ·Easy to use


  • ·Boards in English only
  • ·Only has Zapier & Intercom integration

Pricing plans

Featurebase offers a generous free tier that might already support your use case. If you wish to get access to all the features, Featurebase pricing starts at only $35/month. You can unlock all the features with their Enterprise plan, which costs $69/month.


Featurebase is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who want to want a customizable, and easy-to-use feature request board that can be set up in minutes.

Try Featurebase today (It is 100% free)

2. Trello

Trello kanban board

Trello is another great feature request software for keeping track of your feature requests.

You might know Trello for the simple Kanban boards, but did you know that you can also make your board public? That way anyone with a Trello account can create cards on your board. Keep in mind that you need to send everyone a custom invite link first.

This alone isn't a big issue because you can easily share your invite link with others.

However, since Trello isn't built to capture public feature requests, people won't be able to upvote and comment on any of the feature requests on your board.

Another issue is that your board can get extremely messy. Any of your users can just spam posts, move things around, edit existing ones, and delete any post.


  • ·Easy to move feature requests around different boards
  • ·Great free plan that allows you to have unlimited users
  • ·Cards can hold a lot of additional information like files, etc...


  • ·Trello account required to create, vote, and comment on feature requests
  • ·Anyone can delete, edit, and move any feature requests around
  • ·Difficult to understand
  • ·Only built to capture and manage feature requests/feedback internally

Pricing plans

With a free account, you can create up to 10 different feedback boards. Paid plans start at just $5/month.


While Trello is a great feature request software for managing tasks internally, it has many problems that make it not an ideal solution for capturing ideas publically from your users.

Create your Trello account

3. UserVoice

Uservoice dashboard

UserVoice is one of the oldest feature request software. It is used by big enterprises that need custom development for their needs (For example, Microsoft and Figma are using UserVoice).

For companies that don't have very specific needs, and are just looking for a better way of capturing and managing their feature requests, then going with UserVoice is simply going to be overkill. You will end up paying thousands of dollars every month for something that you can get for $30/month.

One benefit of UserVoice is that they have a lot of features, that help you get an in-depth view of the ROI of each feature request that comes in. Additionally, you can also integrate it with Salesforce to filter requests by potential revenue, customer segment, or net promoter score.


  • ·A lot of features
  • ·Different products to solve multiple problems with one solution
  • ·Full API access
  • ·Experienced with requirements of large enterprise companies


  • ·Very expensive, pricing starts at $500/month per user
  • ·Many people find their UI confusing
  • ·Boards only available in English

Pricing plans

The last time UserVoice disclosed its pricing it was $500/month per user.


UserVoice is a feature-rich feature request software that is best suited for large enterprises that have a large budget. It offers insightful analytics, hundreds of different integrations, and full API access.

Check out UserVoice

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