Blog ComparisonsTop 9 GetBeamer Alternatives for Changelogs & Feedback in 2024

Top 9 GetBeamer Alternatives for Changelogs & Feedback in 2024

Seeking a Beamer alternative that combines changelogs with intuitive feedback boards? You're in the right place! We have handpicked the best 9 feedback tools for increasing new feature adoption and taking your feedback collection to the next level.

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Illustration for the top 9 GetBeamer Alternatives.

Looking for an affordable GetBeamer alternative that's also intuitive for feedback collection? You're in the right place! 

Although Beamer is a popular choice for many product teams, lots of other options offer more advanced features at a lower price. We've rounded up 9 of the best tools that'll help you increase new feature adoption and take your feedback collection to the next level.

Whether you're looking for a simple changelog or an all-in-one feedback platform, we've got you covered! Here's a short list to start, with more details about each tool later. πŸ‘‡

The top 9 GetBeamer alternatives in 2024

  1. Featurebase - best for feedback collection and changelogs, suits all team sizes
  2. Frill - straightforward feedback tool for small organizations, also has changelogs
  3. Upvoty - for medium-sized teams
  4. - for very small or really large businesses - nothing between
  5. Headwayapp - for smaller teams, only changelogs
  6. FeatureOS - for growing startups looking to collect feedback & publish updates
  7. UserBack - for large teams with many different products, only for feedback collection
  8. Productboard - for enterprises, mainly for roadmaps, but has a changelog
  9. UserVoice - for enterprises looking for an all-in-one feedback suite

Before you rush off to decide, let's quickly see why even look for an alternative and what to look for.

Why look for a GetBeamer alternative?

GetBeamer might check the boxes for some, but one size doesn't fit all. Here are some of the main dealbreakers of Beamer that you should keep in mind.

  • Poor feedback collection
    The main benefit of feedback tools is to help product managers understand what users think before they build a certain feature. Unfortunately, with GetBeamer, users can only provide feedback to release notes after a feature has been shipped. They can't submit their own requests, upvote others, or comment to provide extra insights. This makes you miss out on critical early input necessary to make the right decisions.
  • Lack of customizations
    Every business seeks a unique identity, and tools should make it possible. GetBeamer looks good by default, but the lack of personalization doesn't cut it for many. Brands often want customer-facing portals to match their identity. It's also important to personalize user experience to incentivize feedback. Unfortunately, Beamer doesn't offer advanced customizations, leading many to seek more adaptable alternatives.
  • Unpredictable & expensive pricing
    GetBeamer offers a dynamic pricing structure based on the number of monthly visitors. While this may seem fair at first, it can become unpredictable and expensive for businesses with high traffic. The first plan starts at $49/month, limiting visitors to 5,000, and they go up to $249/month. Moreover, collecting user feedback starts at $99/month, which is much higher than other tools in this list.
Screenshot of Getbeamer's Pro plan pricing.
Beamer's feedback collection feature costs $99/month.

Top 9 GetBeamer alternatives for user feedback and changelogs

Each tool in this list is handpicked to cover GetBeamer's shortcomings so you can make the best choice. We analyzed all their strengths, weaknesses, pricing, and who are their ideal users. So let's find the right one for you:

1. Featurebase

Featurebase's product illustration.
Featurebase's feedback board

Featurebase is one of the best GetBeamer alternatives for changelogs and feedback collection. It has a dedicated feedback portal, a neat interface, and different in-app widgets for announcements and feature requests.

To make it even better, Featurebase comes with affordable pricing and a Free plan. You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. ⚑️

Key features that match with GetBeamer's:

  • Public changelog
  • In-app changelog & feedback widgets
  • Surveys
  • New feature popups
  • Automated email notifications
  • Product roadmap
  • User segmentation

What Featurebase has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • A dedicated feedback portal perfect for collecting bug reports & feature requests
  • Gamified features like a leaderboard to incentivize feedback
  • Neat and easy-to-use user interface with light & dark modes
  • Commenting and replies for detailed discussions with users
  • A duplicate post-detection system to avoid similar posts
  • No sign-up posting, commenting, and voting
  • Assign posts to your teammates and add internal notes to them
  • Prioritization matrixes
  • Custom statuses and tags
  • Active team with fantastic customer support

Drawbacks of Featurebase

  • Supports fewer languages - English, German, Portuguese, French, and Estonian

How much does Featurebase cost?

All Featurebase plans have unlimited monthly visitors, and you can try the paid ones with a 10-day free trial.

  • Free Plan
    Includes all the basic features such as a public portal, roadmap, and changelog for closing the feedback loop. It lets you collect unlimited ideas and has everything to take your product to the next level.
  • Growth Plan - $40/month
    This is the most popular plan among Featurebase users. It comes with 4 managers, a custom domain, all integrations, no sign-up posting, and all widgets. You can also sync customer data to posts and filter user feedback by users revenue.
  • Premium Plan - $124/month
    Perfect for larger businesses, this plan offers more advanced features such as API, Single Sign-On, and user segmentation. You can have up to 8 managers and unlimited feedback boards.

Featurebase is one of the best Beamer alternatives for collecting feedback and publishing changelogs. It has a dedicated feedback portal, a roadmap, and many customization options. It's also very budget-friendly and doesn't limit your users. 

Feautrebase helps teams of all sizes increase new feature adoption and give their customers a voice.

Learn more here β†’

2. Frill

Frill product illustration

Frill is a straightforward feedback collection tool that also features a product changelog. While it doesn't have all of the advanced features, it gets the job done with a public feedback portal, roadmap, and In-app widgets. It's best for smaller teams, though it can get quite pricey.

What Frill has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • A dedicated feedback portal for collecting feedback
  • Commenting and replies for detailed communication with users
  • No sign-up posting
  • Supports translations into any language

Drawbacks of Frill

  • No automated changelog emails
  • No dashboard view for managing and moderating feedback
  • Can't segment and prioritize your feedback data by customer attributes
  • Limited filtering system
  • No duplicate post-detection system

How much does Frill cost?

Frill's pricing plans begin at $25 per month, allowing users to manage up to 50 active ideas at once. To access most of their features and unlimited feedback, you'd need the second plan for $49 a month. The tiers go up to $149/month and come with a 14-day free trial to test everything out.


Frill is a straightforward tool designed to help collect customer feedback and share updates. It would be even more helpful if it had a dashboard to manage ideas more easily.

It's best suited for small teams that don't need advanced features, but it can get expensive if you have more than 50 active ideas at once.

Check out these top Frill alternatives β†’

3. Upvoty

Upvoty product illustration.

Upvoty is a popular feedback platform that helps product managers gather and organize user feedback. It's best suited for small to mid-sized teams looking to give their users a voice.

What Upvoty has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • A dedicated feedback portal for collecting feedback
  • Commenting and replies for detailed discussions with users

Drawbacks of Upvoty

  • No changelog widgets or announcement popups
  • Can't prioritize your feedback data by customer attributes
  • No changelog segmenting
  • Outdated user interface
  • Customer support is provided by contractors and freelancers, and there have been a lot of complaints about it
  • New features are extremely rare, and product development seems to be halted
  • No additional insight questions like "How important is this for you?"

How much does Upvoty cost?

Upvoty, similarly to Beamer, limits your users. Their starter plan costs $15 a month, allowing for 150 trackable customers and one board.

This is not much, yet the next plan, which has most of the useful features and 1,500 users, costs $39/month. The Unlimited plan costs $75/month, removing all boundaries.


Upvoty is a straightforward Getbeamer alternative that also offers feedback collection. Their usage-based pricing benefits teams with a low volume of feedback but gets pricey for most users.

If the customer support complaints and aged UI are making you second guess, check out these Upvoty alternatives β†’


Cannys product illustration. is a widely used feedback tool that serves larger companies. It offers several essential features, including feedback boards, a changelog, and a roadmap. Although there is a free plan, it has limited features, and the paid plan costs $400 per month.

What Canny has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • Post comments that allow streamlined communication with interested users
  • Possibility to assign posts to your internal team and add notes to them
  • No sign-up posting, commenting, and voting

Drawbacks of Canny

  • Expensive - first paid plan at $400/month
  • Fewer customization options (+ no dark mode)
  • No announcement popups
  • No additional insight questions like "How important is this for you?"
  • Complaints about prioritizing sales over product improvement, leaving many users dissatisfied
  • Supports only English

How much does Canny cost?

Although Canny offers a Free plan, it's very limited and only allows for 100 active posts a month. The second plan costs $99/mo and basically removes the post limit.

The third plan starts at $400/month for 5 admins, custom domain, user segmentation, and more.

For reference, alternative options like Featurebase offer even more features for just $40/month and have an identical free plan.

Canny Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It β†’


Canny is a popular feedback tool that also includes a changelog and roadmap. It's best suited for enterprise companies as the starting price is $400/month.

It does come with a few features that Beamer lacks, but if you're looking for an affordable feedback solution, you'll find a better deal elsewhere. Check out the top Canny alternatives β†’

5. Headway

Headway product illustration.

Headwayapp is a simpler and cheaper version of Beamer. It features a changelog and an in-product widget to help smaller teams communicate updates to their users.

What Headway has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • More straightforward, simple, and intuitive
  • Cheaper pricing

Drawbacks of Headway

  • No feedback collection
  • No roadmaps
  • No announcement popups
  • No analytics
  • Few customization options
  • No dedicated way to publish announcements in multiple languages

How much does Headway cost?

Headway offers simple pricing, starting with a free plan that includes a changelog and widget. The only other plan costs $29 a month and unlocks additional features like custom domain, scheduled posts, white labeling, and integrations.


Headway is an affordable alternative to Beamer if you just want to publish changelogs. It's a straightforward, lightweight solution for smaller indie startups.

However, if you're looking to collect feedback and publish roadmaps, other choices in this list might work better.

You can also check out our top picks for alternatives to Headway β†’

6. FeatureOS

FeatureOS product illustration.

FeatureOS - previously Hellonext - is another good alternative for Beamer if you're looking to collect feedback and bug reports. It's a nice choice for SaaS startups that want to gather and manage ideas in the same tool, although it might get a bit pricey.

What FeatureOS has that GetBeamer doesn't?

Drawbacks of FeatureOS

  • No automatic announcement popups
  • The dashboard often feels bloated with too many options
  • Can't sort feedback by monetary value
  • No user segmentation
  • Few filtering options
  • Supports only English

How much does FeatureOS cost?

FeatureOS offers 3 pricing tiers that you can try out with a 14-day trial:

  • Runway ($29/month) - 2 boards, 1 admin, 1 integration
  • Take Flight ($79/month) - 10 boards, 3 admins, 3 integrations
  • Fly High ($149/month) - unlimited boards, 10 admins, SSO, API

FeatureOS is a good GetBeamer alternative for medium-sized teams. Regarding pricing, they offers great terms for companies that need to collect many different types of feedback.

They've got many features for collecting feedback, but lack changelog popups to effectively keep users in the loop about new features.

Check out the best alternatives to featureOS β†’

7. Userback

Userback product illustration.

Userback is a feedback collection tool, perfect for teams with many different products that they look to manage in one place. While it doesn't support changelogs, it offers session replays and video feedback.

What Userback has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • Session replays
  • Browser extension for internal feedback collection

Drawbacks of Userback

  • No changelog
  • No announcement widgets
  • No duplicate post-detection system
  • Few customization options (+ no dark mode)
  • Asks users about their experience with Userback every time they submit ideas

How much does Userback cost?

Userback pricing is focused on larger companies with many different products:

  • Startup plan ($59/month) - 10 managers and 5 products.
  • Company plan ($119/month) - 15 managers and 15 products.
  • Premium plan ($217/month) - 25 managers and 27 products.

It's unusual for most startups to have more than 1 product, making the pricing impractical for many potential users.


Userback is good for gathering feedback and bugs but lacks crucial features like a changelog to keep users up to date. They are focused on serving larger companies with many products.

If you're a smaller startup, you'd end up paying for empty admin seats with their current pricing model.

Check out the best UserBack alternatives β†’

8. Productboard

Productboard product illustration.

Productboard is an enterprise-focused alternative to GetBeamer. They are centered around task management and roadmaps rather than feedback collection.

What Productboard has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • A lot more integrations
  • More intuitive roadmaps for public & internal alignment
  • Different task management views

Drawbacks of Productboard

  • Similarly to Beamer, Productboard only lets users leave feedback on admins' own posts
  • Complex user interface with a steep learning curve
  • No commenting for clarifying ideas with users
  • No embeddable widgets for seamless integration
  • Expensive

How much does Productboard cost?

Productboard offers four tiers:

  • Starter - free
  • Essentials - $20 per maker/month
  • Pro - $80 per maker/month
  • Enterprise - comes with a custom quote

The total cost of Productboard depends on how many admins you have in your team. For example, the Pro plan with 5 admins will cost $400 a month.


Productboard is a customer feedback management tool focusing on issue tracking and roadmaps. There's a lot you can do, but figuring out how to use it is a project on its own.β€Œ It allows users to only see and upvote admins' posts, making it unideal for feedback collection.

If you're a smaller startup, we recommend checking out these affordable Productboard alternatives β†’

9. UserVoice

UserVoice product illustration.

UserVoice is another enterprise-grade feedback suite. Being a complex all-in-one solution, it requires time to master and is meant for larger teams that need custom workflows. It's one of the most expensive solutions on this list, with plans starting at $699/month.

What UserVoice has that GetBeamer doesn't?

  • Dedicated feedback platform
  • Feature prioritization
  • More customizations
  • Features for internal alignment

Drawbacks of UserVoice

  • Expensive, starting at $699/month
  • No changelog
  • No changelog widgets or announcement popups
  • Outdated user interface
  • Feature bloated, too complex for regular usage
  • A steep learning curve that can slow down agile startups

How much does UserVoice cost?

UserVoice's pricing starts at $699/month for managing ideas you submit yourself on behalf of your users. And it's $899 to actually collect feedback. Connecting customer data to ideas costs $1,350/month, and you'll have to talk to a salesperson to start each plan.

Most of their competitors' prices don't even reach their starting point. For example, equivalent to their most expensive plan in Featurebase costs just $82 a month.


UserVoice is an end-to-end product management suite for operating at scale. The additional features are excellent for enterprises but get counterintuitive for SMBs looking to simply collect feedback and announce new features.

Find more affordable alternatives to UserVoice β†’

The best alternative for GetBeamer?

When it comes to finding the best alternative for GetBeamer, Featurebase is the winner. It's designed to be easy to use, whether you're managing feedback or publishing changelogs.

Beyond matching Beamer's features, Featurebase has a roadmap, a dedicated feedback portal, and affordable pricing - including a Free plan. It also comes with gamification elements like leaderboards to incentivize users to submit feedback.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. ⚑️

Learn more about Featurebase β†’

What is GetBeamer?

GetBeamer is a simple changelog tool that helps product teams keep their users informed about new product features and boost engagement. It's a good solution for quickly publishing release notes and announcing updates, but unideal for feedback collection.

What is GetBeamer used for?

GetBeamer is used by product teams to announce feature updates, collect feedback, and keep customers engaged. It's a great way to stay connected with your users and increase feature adoption. It lets you create changelogs, get feedback on shipped features, send out surveys, view detailed analytics, and more.

Key features of GetBeamer

Although Beamer is mostly made for keeping users in the loop with changelogs, it also offers several other features to improve engagement:

  • Changelog - notify users about your latest product updates with the changelog and release notes
  • Email & In-app notifications - send users in-app notifications to reach them where they are
  • NPS surveys - send periodic NPS surveys to track user satisfaction, proactively reduce churn, and drive growth
  • Segmentation - target user segments with specific messages
  • Feedback collection - collect feedback from users on shipped features
  • Public roadmaps - display upcoming features and manage ideas on a roadmap view
  • Integrations - connect Beamer with other tools such as Slack, Intercom, Zappier, and more

How much does GetBeamer cost?

GetBeamer has a free tier for startups on a tight budget. The paid plans start at $50/month, but if you need to collect feedback and access more powerful features, you'll need to go with the $99/month plan. For user segmentation and Single Sign-On features, you'd have to go with the Scale plan for $249/month. There's also a custom plan for enterprises requiring SOC 2 and more, starting from $499/month. Also, the cost varies based on the number of monthly visitors, so it can get expensive.

Screenshort of GetBeamer's pricing page.
Beamer's pricing.

The Takeaway

GetBeamer is a fine changelog software, but it lacks the features to properly collect and manage user feedback. Furthermore, their pricing model can be unpredictable and cause anxiety, as teams can never predict the volume of users giving ideas each month.

There are many great Beamer alternatives, with one of the best ones being Featurebase. In addition to the changelog, it comes with a feedback portal, roadmap, and affordable pricing that doesn't limit users.

Choosing the right feedback community is crucial to increase new feature adoption and make your customers feel heard. πŸ’™


Is GetBeamer Free? How much does it cost?

GetBeamer offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes basic features like email and In-app notifications, limiting monthly visitors to 1,000. The paid plans start at $49/month for 5,000 users, offering advanced analytics, customizable widgets, and a changelog tool. Collecting feedback with Beamer will cost you a whopping $99/month. Their plans go up to $249/month, allowing for 50,000 monthly users.

What's the best GetBeamer alternative? is the best Beamer alternative. It's perfect for both publishing changelogs and collecting user feedback. It comes with a roadmap, customizable widgets, and many powerful integrations. You can start with a completely free plan and upgrade only if you need to.

What is Beamer Used For?

GetBeamer is a simple changelog tool that can help product teams keep their customers informed and boost user engagement. It's a good solution for communicating new features and publishing release notes.