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UserVoice Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It?

Does UserVoice's pricing seem a bit too crispy for the features you get? Well, you're in the right place! In this blog, we dive deep into their plans, what they include, and if there are any better options out there. Let's find out if UserVoice is worth it or not!

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Illustration for UserVoice pricing in 2024.

So, you're on the hunt for a feedback tool and want to ensure you're getting the best deal with UserVoice.

If you're just after their pricing, you can find it on their site.

But if you're looking for a deeper analysis of what they offer and some more affordable alternatives, stick around... We've got you covered!๐Ÿ‘‡

UserVoice pricing in 2024

In short, UserVoice offers five plans to choose from:

  1. Validation - $199 per month to validate your product with microsurveys
  2. Essentials - $799 per month to log feedback on behalf of your customers
  3. Pro - $999 per month to collect ideas through an in-app widget and web portal
  4. Premium - $1,499 per month to connect ideas with account and revenue data
  5. Enterprise - contact sales to access advanced security and premium support

You can try out all plans with a 21-day free trial without talking to sales, a requirement previously necessary with all actions.

UserVoice pricing plans in 2023.

Now let's take a more detailed look into what each plan offers and if they're worth the coin. ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. Validation ($199/mo)

In 2022, UserVoice introduced a completely new pricing plan together with updating the previous ones. It's called Validation and is designed for startups to test UserVoice without having to pay the full price.

For $199 a month, you can validate your product and features with microsurveys. However, this is still very expensive for startups in the validation phase - or for startups in general.

And while there's a quarterly billing option, you can't go around the annual agreement. As many of you know, product validation tends to take less than a year, so this likely leaves you with unnecessary expenses. ๐Ÿ˜…

UserVoice Validation Plan.

So what will you get for that price? The Validation plan includes unlimited surveys, responses, and seats for your team. Basically, you can send as many microsurveys as you'd like to potential or existing customers to get extra insights for your product.

Each survey is about a particular feature and has 2-3 questions. Features can be validated at three stages: during consideration, building, and after release.

Here's an example survey for a feature you'd be considering on building:

  • How important is this feature to you? (5-point scale)
  • Would you use this? (Yes/No)

And that's it - it doesn't reveal much about how users intend to use it or give any other significant insights. In fact, both of the questions are pretty much identical.

Also, there's no way to connect feedback with customer data like revenue or chat with users to clarify what they meant.

You can give their 21-day free trial go, but ultimately you'll be shooting out $199 per month to use Google Forms. Plus, many alternatives to UserVoice provide the same functions for free or at a 10x lower cost.

2. Essentials ($799/mo)

Essentials is the first and most affordable plan for their actual product. It costs $799/month with quarterly billing or $699/month annually.

Interestingly enough, UserVoice doesn't offer a monthly billing option, unlike its competitors. But it doesn't really matter because you'd be stuck with the annual agreement anyways.

This plan allows you to centralize and organize the feedback you already get in one place.

Yes, that's right. For $799/month, there's no way to capture ideas. You can only manage the feedback you manually add from other sources. Plus, it doesn't include a web portal or a changelog tool.

The second catch is that it only allows tracking feedback from 200 unique users. Unless your company is very small, you'll exceed this super fast. And if you are that small, then it's unlikely you could afford to pay this much anyways.

Although the price indicates otherwise, this plan offers the bare essentials, as the name hints. Essentially it's a big library for your feedback that doesn't allow collecting it - only managing.

3. Pro ($999/mo)

UserVoice Pro is where we can actually start talking about feedback software. And it also gets clearer that it's made for enterprises as it costs $999/month.

You get everything in Essentials, plus the web portal and in-app widget. Congrats, you can now actually collect feedback directly from your customers!

The number of unique users jumps from 200 to 1,000, and you can now update users about the status of their posts.

However, these features are standard for almost every feedback tool and are usually included on free plans if they have one.

It's quite hard to justify paying $12,000 a year for something you'd get for free... Unless you're an enterprise - they do that. ๐Ÿ˜…

4. Premium ($1,499/mo)

UserVoice Premium costs $1,499 per month or $18,000 per year. It's supposedly the most popular plan they offer, confirming the profile of their main customers.

One of the key upgrades is the ability to connect customer data to feedback. This includes attributes like revenue and other account data, which you can later use to segment and filter ideas.

Also, you now get up to 5,000 users, a major increase from the last number but still not unlimited.

Again, these are the most fundamental features of any feedback tool. The only difference is that you'd get them for under $100 per month from others.

5. Enterprise (Custom)

For their larger clients, the previous plans were just a warmup for this one. It comes with everything from Premium and has advanced security and priority support. What makes this plan special is that you can potentially get unlimited users.

The pricing is custom-made based on your needs, so unfortunately, we can't give you any digits.

Who is UserVoice ideal for?

UserVoice is designed to help large companies collect, manage, and analyze user feedback in one centralized place.

It has extensive sales and customer success teams working on deals and helping big customers with their onboarding.

UserVoice offers countless features with different dashboards, almost dividing it into multiple tools. This can benefit large diversified teams but can be confusing for smaller startups that need a simple solution to move fast.

UserVoice drawbacks to keep in mind

  • Outdated user interface
    UserVoice's feedback portal makes submitting ideas difficult compared to modern alternatives. This can affect your feedback results as users give up before actually finding what they came to do. The same goes for the dashboard, which feels like dating back to 2008 when they first launched.
  • Feature bloated
    The different options in this tool are excellent for enterprises looking for an end-to-end solution. However, it's counterintuitive for SMBs that need a fairly simple way to collect and manage feedback.
  • Steep learning curve
    UserVoice has split its functionalities into different dashboards. There's almost one for each feature. The onboarding takes an eternity, and it's easy to get lost. Half the battle is learning to use it, yet it should speed up your work.
  • Expensive
    Almost all of their competitors are offering significantly lower prices. Some even have free plans with the same functions as UserVoices $999/month Premium plan.

What if UserVoice is too expensive for me?

Don't worry. You wouldn't be the only one. ๐Ÿค’

Luckily, there are many affordable alternatives that are perfect for startups and offer the same features with a modern touch.

Here's a short list of the 12 best UserVoice competitors in 2024:

  1. Featurebase - best value and easiest to use for teams of all sizes
  2. Frill - for small organizations seeking a simple feedback tool
  3. Producter - for medium teams, great for managing tasks
  4. Userback - for bigger teams with many products
  5. FeatureOS - for growing startups looking to collect feedback
  6. Fider - open-source option for small startups ready to self-host
  7. - for very small and early-stage teams
  8. - for very small or really large businesses - nothing between
  9. Feedbear - for startups looking for simplicity
  10. Sleekplan - for small teams and NPS & CSAT tracking
  11. Upvoty - for medium-sized teams
  12. Productboard - for enterprises, good for task management and roadmaps

You can get muddy with the details in our UserVoice alternatives post, where we analyze each tool and determine the best.

So, is UserVoice worth it?

Short answer: If you're an enterprise, then maybe. If you're anyone else, then no.

Longer answer: Although UserVoice offers a wide range of features, figuring out how to use them is a battle on its own. This makes it a poor choice for agile startups seeking a straightforward feedback solution.

In addition to that, you're not getting anything new or special for the high prices, except... for the high prices. ๐Ÿ™‚

Only large corporations like Microsoft can justify paying up to $18,000 a year for a feedback tool, and even they left.

For smaller and medium-sized companies, Featurebase is an affordable UserVoice alternative. It's neat, easy to use, and has all UserVoice features. It comes with a free plan equal to UserVoice's Pro saving you $999/month already.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. โšก๏ธ

Featurebase's product illustration.
Featurebase's feedback board


1. Is UserVoice expensive?

Yes, compared to other alternatives out there, UserVoice is very expensive. They are aimed at large enterprise clients resulting in long sales cycles that push the pricing.

2. Who is the best UserVoice alternative?

Featurebase is the best UserVoice alternative out there. It's easy to use while offering the same features and more. It comes with affordable pricing, a free plan, and many powerful integrations.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. โšก๏ธ

3. Does UserVoice offer discounts?

UserVoice doesn't offer any discounts by default. But since you'll have to talk to their sales team to start your subscription anyways, you can likely negotiate one for yourself.

4. How much does UserVoice cost in 2024?

UserVoice costs $199 per month to validate your product with microsurveys. It costs $799 per month to log feedback on behalf of your customers and $999 to collect it yourself. Additionally, if you need to connect your ideas with account and revenue data, the cost is $1,499 per month.