Blog ComparisonsTop 7 Upvoty Alternatives for Product Feedback in 2024

Top 7 Upvoty Alternatives for Product Feedback in 2024

If you're looking for the best reliable and modern Upvoty alternative, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll explore the best ones by discussing the pros and cons of each one. Let's find the perfect feedback tool for your needs!

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You're here, which means you must be looking for an alternative to Upvoty.

Don't worry - we did the work for you and handpicked the best 7 based on the areas Upvoty falls short. They are modern, feature-rich, packed with features, and offer great bang for your buck.

We also hate long, boring lists, so here's a short one with the most important stuff. You can read more about the details below.

Top 7 Modern Upvoty Alternatives in 2024

  1. Featurebase - best value and easiest to use for teams of all sizes
  2. Producter - for medium teams, great for managing tasks
  3. Frill - for small organizations seeking a simple feedback tool
  4. Sleekplan - for small teams and NPS & CSAT tracking
  5. FeatureOS - for growing startups looking to collect feedback
  6. - for very small or really large businesses - nothing in between
  7. - for very small and early-stage teams

But before you make your choice, let's go over the reasons people switch from Upvoty. This way, you'll completely understand what are the drawbacks to avoid while looking for the new tool. πŸ‘‡

Drawbacks of Upvoty

Although Upvoty is a great feature request tool, it has some downsides that can be deal-breakers. We've listed the most significant ones below, so you can be a judge yourself:

1. Aged UI/UX

The UI of a product plays a crucial role in offering the best possible user experience. Upvoty's UI is aged and can feel clunky compared to many others on the market. This may cause difficulties in managing boards and limit the ability of users to provide feedback effectively.

2. Tricky pricing

User limits make their pricing unpredictable and can cause anxiety, as you can never predict how many users will give feedback each month. Their starter plan only allows for 150 trackable users and 1 board. Most of you'll have more users in a flash and also need to gather different types of feedback. This means you either have to go with the 2nd or 3rd plan, costing up to $75 a month. But, at this price, there are tons of better options available with more features and benefits for lower prices.

3. Poor customer support

Upvoty's customer support could be improved as they depend on contractors and freelancers instead of a dedicated support team. The founder is occupied with other startups and marketing projects, such as vlogs, which could also affect their focus on improving the product. Here's what one of their ex-users had to say:

Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in Product Hunt.
Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in Product Hunt.
Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in G2.
Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in G2.

4. Inactive dev team

In addition to the founder's lack of concern for the product, Upvoty's core developer team is also inactive. For example, at the time of writing this article, the last post in their changelog was made over 6 months ago. Luckily, there are many regularly developed products on the market that listen closely to their customer's wishes. We'll take a look at them in a sec.

5. Many negative reviews

If you search for 'Upvoty reviews' you'll be quickly met with lots of unsatisfied users, which is not the case with its alternatives.

Here are a couple of examples (see more here):

Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in G2.
Screenshot of a review on Upvoty in G2.

All in all, be sure to consider the cons of Upvoty before making your decision. The tricky pricing, outdated UI, poor customer support, and inactively maintained product, can damage your feedback collection.

So if you're looking to up your user feedback game with a reliable alternative, check out the following list πŸ‘‡

Top 7 Upvoty Alternatives in 2024

While there are actually around 20 alternatives to Upvoty, we filtered out the best ones by trying out all of them. Here they are!

1. Featurebase

Featurebase's product illustration.

Featurebase is one of the best alternatives to Upvoty. It has a neat UI, many powerful integrations, and an excellent onboarding experience. It comes with affordable pricing and a Free plan.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. ⚑️

What Featurebase has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • Unlimited end users on each plan
  • In-app surveys to measure customer satisfaction and much more
  • Modern user interface
  • Segment & prioritize feedback data by customer attributes like MRR
  • Bulk editing
  • Leaderboard feature to enhance feedback collection through gamification
  • More widgets for collecting feedback and showcasing the latest changes
  • Active team with excellent customer support that ships new features & improvements every week


  • Supports fewer languages. Currently: English, German, Portuguese, and Estonian.


Featurebase's Free plan is nearly identical to Upvoty's $15/month Starter Plan. Featurebase doesn't limit your users, so you can enjoy any plan without worrying about upgrading due to increased feedback volume.

Featurebase's Growth plan comes at a flat fee of $40/month, offering 5 feedback boards, 4 managers, and access to custom domain, customer data syncing, and all integrations. In comparison, Upvoty's equivalent costs as much but still limits users to 1,500 a month.

The Premium plan costs $124/month and unlocks unlimited feedback boards, SSO, and API. For white labeling and limiting board access for certain roles, contact the team for the Enterprise plan. It comes with priority support and feature development.


Featurebase is one of the best Upvoty alternatives. It has all of the features, while not limiting end users. It's a fit for all team sizes, offering affordable pricing with a free plan and modern interface.

You can give it a try with free plan and always continue using it for free if it's a good fit for you.

Learn more here β†’

2. Producter

Producters product illustration.

Producter is a product management software that has a strong focus on the issue management side. It lets you easily stay on top of user feedback and prioritize what to build next.

What Producter has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • Documentation module
  • A more modern and intuitive dashboard
  • Better for task and feedback management, also can run sprints


  • The public board design is neat yet very difficult to use
  • No sorting or filtering options on the public board
  • No duplicate post-detection system
  • No way to merge duplicate posts into one
  • Can't delete ideas, they're there to stay
  • Expensive for large teams
  • Few integrations
  • Supports only English


Producter has seat-based pricing that's a thought nut to crack. Here it is in a simplified form:

  • Free plan
    Allows for a maximum of 5 admins and very limited features. Good for only testing out the tool.
  • Growth plan - $12/month per admin
    This is the first "real plan". It removes the admin cap, but you still pay for each. Gives access to a widget and 10 contributors - free users who can only create feedback and view feedback, tasks, or changelog items.
  • Premium plan - $24/month per admin
    Allows for unlimited admins & contributors and removes Producter's branding.

So, with 5 admins with Growth features, you'll be paying $720/year. It's quite reasonable, but not the cheapest compared to some other alternatives.


Producter is a great choice if you are also looking to collect feedback and run sprints in the same tool. However as it stands, their portal looks neat, but is very difficult to user compared to competitors.

It's also important to keep in mind that depending on the features and your team size, it could get pretty expensive.

3. Frill

Frill product illustration

Frill is a more straightforward alternative to Upvoty. It has a simple design and supports most of the features Upvoty offers.

What Frill has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • Simpler and more modern UI
  • Translations into any language


  • No dedicated dashboard view for managing and moderating feedback
  • Limited filtering system
  • No bulk editing
  • No duplicate post-detection system
  • Can't segment and prioritize your feedback data by customer attributes
  • Slow feedback portal, taking over 5 seconds to load on mobile


Frill's paid plans start at $25/month, allowing you to only manage 50 active ideas at once. You'd have to go with the second plan for $49/mo to access most of their features and unlimited feedback.

For white labeling, you'd have to go with their $149/mo plan. The Enterprise plan starts from $349/mo offering SOC2 compliance and more. You can try everything out with their 14-day free trial.


Frill is an interesting and reasonable choice as long as you can get by using the first 2 plans. It's best for collecting feedback and is perfect for small teams looking for simplicity.

For more, check out the best Frill alternatives β†’

4. Sleekplan

Sleekplan product illustration.

Sleekplan is an affordable Upvoty alternative that not only supports public feedback boards but also satisfaction surveys. It suits smaller teams that are on a budget.

What Sleekplan has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • CSAT and NPS satisfaction surveys
  • Customizable survey widgets


  • No duplicate post-detection system
  • No bulk editing
  • Few integrations
  • Run by a solo founder, so customer support might not be good
  • Few customization options
  • The design might feel outdated


Sleekplan offers a limited free plan, but we recommend Featurebase's since it offers more features.

Their first paid plan costs $15/mo for three admins, unlimited feedback, and most basic features. The next one offers 10 admin seats and white labeling, costing $45/month.


Sleekplan is a good choice for smaller teams that want to measure customer satisfaction and don't need many advanced features for collection. It's a nice, affordable alternative that also offers a free plan.

Check out the best Sleekplan alternatives β†’

5. FeatureOS

FeatureOS product illustration.

FeatureOS - previously Hellonext - is a customer feedback tool that has lots of features and is worth looking into from this list. It's a good choice for startups that want to get into the world of collecting feedback.

What FeatureOS has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • A knowledge base feature
  • Bulk editing


  • Can't sort feedback by monetary value
  • No user segmentation
  • No built-in prioritization frameworks
  • Can't change the logo, colors, or sending address of emails that users get
  • No changelog popups
  • No questions like "How important is this for you?" for extra insights
  • Supports only English


FeatureOS offers three pricing tiers that you can try out with a 14-day trial:

  • Runway ($29/month) - 2 boards, 1 admin, 1 integration
  • Take Flight ($79/month) - 10 boards, 3 admins, 3 integrations
  • Fly High ($149/month) - unlimited boards, 10 admins, SSO, API

While FeatureOS supports loads of more features that Upvoty, it lacks some essential prioritization functions that competitors offer. You can't prioritize features by revenue, segment customers, and customize emails.

With that being said, it's still a good upvoty alernative with a modern UI and a reasonable pricing.

Check out more alternatives to featureOS β†’


Cannys product illustration.

Canny is a popular product roadmap and feature request tool that's built for large-scale Enterprise customers. In addition to the core features, they also offer a better UI and smoother experience.

What Canny has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • Post comments that allow you to start a discussion with interested users


  • Fewer customization options for branding (+ no dark mode)
  • They focus more on sales than improving the product. This has left many users dissatisfied, replacing them with more active alternatives.
  • No bulk editing
  • Supports only English


Canny offers a Free plan, but it's very limited and only allows for 100 active posts a month. The second plan costs $99/mo and basically removes the post limit.

The third plan starts at $400/month for 5 admins, custom domain, user segmentation, and more.

For reference, other feedback tools provide you with even more features for just $40/month while offering an identical free plan and top-notch UI. That's 10x cheaper.

Canny Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It β†’


Canny is nice if you can survive with their free plan and don't need the premium features. Otherwise, it's more suitable as an enterprise tool. They focus on the high-end market, leaving no middle ground for regular users.β€Œβ€Œβ€Œβ€Œ

If you're interested in Canny but feel it's not exactly for you, we recommend checking out these Canny alternatives β†’


Nolt product illustration.

Nolt is a lightweight feedback board that's great for small projects. It has all the basic features most will need and is simple to use. However, it's not suitable for large amounts of feedback.

What Nolt has that Upvoty doesn't?

  • Simple and more modern design


  • No admin dashboard to effectively manage feedback
  • No duplicate post-detection system
  • Doesn't scale well with many ideas (no bulk editing, filtering, etc.)
  • No changelog for closing the feedback loop with users


Nolt recently (July 2023) changed their pricing from a flat fee of $25/month per board to a tiered structure:

  • Essential ($29/month) - 1 board, roadmap, SSO
  • Pro ($29/month) - 5 boards, API, and task management integrations
  • Enterprise (talk to sales) - unlimited boards

Their Essential plan is a good deal for folks who need SSO and can get away with collecting only a single type of feedback. But for other plans, you'll find a better deal elsewhere.


Nolt is a good Upvoty alternative for smaller teams that don't get a lot feature requests or bug reports.

For larger teams that need access to more advanced features and integrations, then there are better options on the market.

Check out these Nolt alternatives β†’

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Upvoty is a useful tool for small to medium-sized companies looking to gather and organize customer feedback in one place. However, it has several drawbacks that we recommend looking into before making your choice. These include an outdated UI/UX, poor customer support, tricky pricing, and an inactive development team.

If you're searching for an Upvoty alternative, there are lots of good options with more features and benefits for lower prices on the market.

Featurebase, Sleekplan, Nolt, Canny, Producter, Hellonext, and Frill are all great alternatives that you should consider before deciding.


1. Is Upvoty expensive?

It depends. Compared to most of its alternatives, the pricing is relatively the same. However, they push users to higher plans by strictly limiting the number of users who can give feedback.

2. Who is the best Upvoty alternative?

Featurebase is the best Upvoty alternative out there. It has a modern design that's easy to use and offers the same features. The affordable pricing and a free plan make it worth checking out.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat. ⚑️

3. How much does Upvoty cost in 2024?

Upvoty costs $15 per month for 1 board and 150 tracked users. It costs $39 per month for integrations, 5 boards, and 1,500 tracked users. The last plan costs $75/month, offering unlimited boards and 10,000+ tracked users.