Easiest way to reduce Churn rates

Did you know that the average SaaS company loses ~5% of its MRR every month, and guess what the top 3 reasons are… poor customer service, product problems, and lack of features.

Bruno Hiis


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Imagine if there was a platform that could help you understand and fix the issues your customers have BEFORE they cancel their subscriptions.

The solution

One of the best ways to make your customer happier with your product and reduce churn is to show them that you care about them by listen to their feedback.

With Featurebase, your users will have a convenient place to suggest/vote on new features, bug reports, and give you their feedback. They can directly contribute, and see that you are listening to their advice by receiving updates when you update their posts. This makes them fall in love with your product, keeps all your user feedback organized in a single place, and makes sure you don’t waste time building useless features that serve no use cases.

Final thoughts

Hundreds of SaaS companies, such as User.com, BitmyMoney, and HyvorTalk already love using Featurebase. We truly belive that if you commit to using our public feedback boards, it will transform the way you prioritize your product development.

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Bruno Hiis

Co-founder @ Featurebase. Building the best customer feedback tool on the 🌎.

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