Get the most out of Featurebase


Written by Bruno Hiis


There are a lot of powerful features Featurebase has that could transform your way of collecting and managing user feedback.

Some powerful features:

  • Custom domains

    Make your feedback board your own - easily connect your feedback board, roadmap, and changelog to your own domain.

  • Post moderation & anonymous functionality

    Enable post moderation and change if people can post, comment, and vote anonymously.

  • Changelog

    Publish changes to your users through our changelog to show them that you are constantly improving your product.

  • Single Sign-On

    Automatically authenticate your users through your own app to make posting feedback as easy as possible.

  • Widget & embedding

    Embed feedback board, roadmap, and changelog on your website through a widget or simple board to offer a better experience.

  • Integrations

    Easily integrate your board with hundreds of apps through Zapier. Get automated notifications in Slack, add all new feedback to your Trello board, etc...

  • Team members

    Managing large numbers of posts on your own might get overwhelming - invite your team members to help you.

Final thoughts

There is a lot that you can do with Featurebase. These are just some of the features that we support to help you manage & collect feedback better.

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