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Best Upvoty alternatives in 2023

If you're looking for the best reliable and modern Upvoty alternative, you've come to the right place! We will explore the best Upvoty alternatives and discuss the pros and cons of each one. The goal is to help you make a more informed decision on the perfect feature voting tool for your needs.


Features of Upvoty

Upvoty is a feedback management platform designed to help companies gather and organize customer feedback in one place. It offers many features such as changelogs and feedback boards to help organizations understand what their customers want.

Feedback boards allow users to leave all sorts of feedback, including feature requests, bug reports, etc. Customers can also vote on feedback left by other users, helping you prioritize requests. The boards can be shared through a link or embedded into a website or app.

Upvoty's Product roadmap feature allows you to share your development plans with users in the form of a kanban board. It shows them what you're currently working on and what has already been shipped. Additionally, you can communicate important updates, such as new feature releases, in your Changelog to keep your customers informed and engaged.


Upvoty is a useful tool for small to medium-sized companies looking to improve their customer focus. It helps collect and organize feedback in one place and engage with customers to understand their needs better.

Disadvantages of Upvoty

Although Upvoty is a great tool, it has several drawbacks that can be deal-breakers. We've listed the biggest downsides below, so you can make a more informed decision when looking for an Upvoty alternative.

1. Tricky pricing

Upvoty has come up with a clever pricing strategy. Their starter plan only allows for 150 trackable users and 1 board. Most of you'll have more users in a flash and also need to gather different types of feedback. Meaning you'll have to upgrade to the 2nd plan, costing $39 while also having a small limit on users. So in the end, you are forced to go with the MAX plan, which costs $75 a month. But, at this price, there are tons of better options available that offer more features and benefits for lower prices.

2. Aged UI/UX

The UI of a product plays a crucial role in delivering the best possible user experience. Upvoty's UI is aged and can feel clunky compared to many others on the market. Their poor UI makes it harder for customers to provide feedback and frankly, the boards feel complicated to operate.

3. Poor customer support

Upvoty's customer support is weak as they rely on contractors and freelancers instead of a dedicated support team. The founder is occupied with other startups and marketing projects such as vlogs, which could also affect their focus on improving the product.

4. Inactive dev team

In addition to the founder's lack of concern for the product, Upvoty's core developer team is also inactive. For example, at the time of writing this article, the last post in their changelog was made over 6 months ago. Luckily, there are many regularly developed products on the market that listen closely to their customer's wishes. We will take a look at them in a sec.


All in all, you should seriously consider the cons of Upvoty before making your decision. The tricky pricing, outdated UI, poor customer support, and inactively maintained product, can harm your ability to collect valuable feedback for your software.

So if you're looking to up your user feedback game with a reliable alternative, check out the following list 👇

Top 7 Upvoty alternatives in 2023

Now that you know about Upvoty's pros and cons, you must want to see the best possible alternatives.

While there are actually around 20 alternatives to Upvoty, we filtered out the best ones by trying out all of them.

Here are the best Upvoty alternatives in 2023:

  1. Featurebase
  2. Sleekplan
  3. Nolt
  5. Producter
  6. Hellonext
  7. Frill

1. Featurebase

Featurebase illustration.

Featurebase is one of the best alternatives to Upvoty. It has a neat and modern UI, affordable pricing with a Free plan, and many powerful integrations topped off with an industry-leading onboarding experience. You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat, where you'll talk to the founders themselves.


  • Feedback boards, changelog, and roadmap
  • Feature validator widget
  • Feature voting with automatic email updates
  • Custom statuses, tags & boards
  • Vote on behalf
  • Custom domains
  • SSO
  • Dark & light mode
  • User segmentation
  • Website widgets
  • Tons of integrations, including Zapier, Discord, Intercom, and Segment


Featurebase's Free plan is nearly identical to Upvoty's Starter Plan, which costs $15/month. Furthermore, Featurebase doesn't limit your users like Upvoty, so you can enjoy the plan without worrying about upgrading due to increased feedback volume.

Featurebase's Pro plan comes at a flat fee of $44/month, offering unlimited feedback boards, users, and access to all features and integrations. In comparison, Upvoty's next plan costs $39/month, but still limits users and allows only 5 boards.

In short, Upvoty's deal is only more competitive than Featurebase's if you're certain that you won't receive much feedback and need advanced features and integrations not included in Featurebase's Free plan.


  • Supports only English


Today hundreds of product teams like,, and are using Featurebase because of its modern and easy-to-use UI, affordable pricing, and outstanding customer support.

You can give it a try for free and only continue using it if it's a good fit for your company.

Try Featurebase today →


2. Sleekplan

Sleekplan illustration.

Sleekplan is another Upvoty alternative that not only supports public feedback boards and widgets but also satisfaction surveys.


  • Feedback board, changelog, and roadmap
  • Measure satisfaction
  • Widgets
  • Estimated dates
  • Post moderation
  • Anonymous voting


Unlike Upvoty, Sleekplan offers a free plan. Unfortunately, it has very limited features, and to access roadmaps and customer satisfaction surveys, you'll need to upgrade.

Sleekplans' paid plans start at $15/month and go up to $45/month, making it a nice, affordable alternative.


  • Few customization options
  • Design feels outdated
  • Lacks important and more advanced features compared to other alternatives


Sleekplan is a good choice for teams that want to measure customer satisfaction and don't need many advanced features. It is a nice, affordable alternative that offers a free plan.


3. Nolt


Nolt is a lightweight feedback board that's great for small projects. It has all the basic features most will need.


  • Feedback board and roadmap
  • A lot of customization options and themes
  • Ban users
  • Private boards


Nolt has only one pricing tier. It unlocks all features and costs $25/month per board.


  • Does not scale well with a lot of data. They don't have a dedicated admin view for staying on top of a lot of info
  • Lacks features that alternatives support
  • Many complain about the bad UX


Nolt is a good Upvoty alternative if you have a small team and don't have to deal with a lot of feature requests or bug reports.

If you have a larger team and need access to some advanced features and integrations, then there are better options on the market.

Check out these Nolt alternatives →



Canny illustration.

Canny is a popular product roadmap and feature request application that's built for large-scale Enterprise customers.


  • Lots of integrations
  • Feedback boards, roadmaps, and changelogs
  • SSO authentication
  • Custom domain
  • Webhooks


Canny has a free plan that's great for small teams just starting up. However, their paid plans start at $400/month!

For reference, other feedback tools like Featurebase provide you with the same functionality for just $44/month with even more options.


  • Expensive pricing - paid plans start at $400/month
  • No custom CSS
  • Poor UX
  • No dark mode
  • Customers complain about not being listened to


Canny is more suitable as an enterprise tool or for larger businesses. It's a good choice if you can live with their free plan and don't need features like private boards, no-signup posting, SSO, user segmentation, integrations, post-moderation, etc... They focus on the high-end market, leaving no middle ground for regular users.

If you're interested in Canny but feel that it's not exactly for you, we recommend checking out these Canny alternatives →


5. Producter

Producter illustration.

Producter is a product management software for product-oriented companies. It lets you easily stay on top of user feedback and prioritize what to build next.


  • Feedback board, roadmap, changelog, and documentation
  • Post comments
  • Run sprints
  • Slack and Github integration


Producter's pricing depends on how many editors your team has. Pricing is reasonable when you have a small team, starting at $21/month with a single editor.

However, it gets quite expensive as the next plan, which has some really useful features like a custom domain, costs $39/month + $49 for each editor.

Producter has a very restricted free plan that lets you try out a couple of things while having very limited storage and features.


  • Still in beta, don't expect your experience to be bug-free
  • Confusing pricing with a lot of different parameters
  • Expensive pricing for large teams
  • Only annual billing


Producter is a great choice if you are also looking to collect feedback and run sprints in the same tool. But, it's important to keep in mind that since Producter is still in beta, some important features that other tools offer might be missing.


6. Hellonext

Hellonext illustration.

Hellonext is a customer feedback tool that has a wide array of features and is worth looking into from this list. It's a good choice for startups that want to get into the world of collecting feedback.


  • Integrations
  • Custom domains
  • Public and private boards
  • Knowledge base
  • Custom statuses


Hellonext has a free plan that allows for two feedback boards with two admins. It includes the changelog and roadmap but doesn't allow customization.

The first paid plan starts at $49/month and gives you access to 10 boards, 3 admins, and unlimited customers. The plans go up to $99/month.


  • Few customization options
  • Dashboard can feel bloated with too many options
  • Expensive compared to other alternatives (full features plan $99/month)


Hellonext is a very valuable Upvoty alternative, that has a modern user interface making managing feedback great. However, regarding pricing, you'll find a better deal from Featurebase or Upvoty itself.


7. Frill

Frill illustration.

Frill is a simpler alternative to Upvoty. It has a simple design and supports most of the features Upvoty offers.


  • SSO authentication
  • Full translations (Every word is translatable into your own language)
  • Widget
  • Vote on behalf
  • Custom Domain
  • Themes


Frill has a free plan that lets you have up to 20 ideas, which you'll use up in a few days. The paid plans start at $25/month. However, it only lets you manage 50 active ideas at once. To unlock all the features and remove limits you'll have to pay $149/month.


  • Not great for staying on top of large amounts of data since it doesn't have a more organized admin view
  • The feedback portal is slow and takes over 5 seconds to load on mobile.
  • Pricing plan without a limit on how many ideas you can have open starts at $50/month


Frill is an interesting and reasonable choice as long as you can get by using the free plan. When you start needing more features and getting more feedback, it starts costing too much compared to alternatives. It's a good option for teams that don't need to handle large amounts of feedback.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Upvoty is a useful tool for small to medium-sized companies looking to gather and organize customer feedback in one place. However, it has several drawbacks that we recommend looking into before making your choice. These include an outdated UI/UX, poor customer support, tricky pricing, and an inactive development team.

If you're searching for an Upvoty alternative, there are lots of good options with more features and benefits for lower prices on the market.

Featurebase, Sleekplan, Nolt, Canny, Producter, Hellonext, and Frill are all great alternatives that you should consider before deciding.

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