Why should you use Featurebase?

There are a lot of benefits to using Featurebase’s feature voting tool for managing your customer feedback, but let's first quickly talk about why customer feedback is important in the first place.

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    Do you remember Nokia - the Finnish tech giant that once dominated the smartphone industry? Obviously, they are not doing so well anymore. A big part of their collapse was due to them not listening to their customers' needs. They ignored what people said about their product and did what they thought was right - as we can see, that does not work.

    Your customer is the king, and you should make the majority of your product decisions based on their feedback.

    Yeah, listening to customer feedback is obviously important, but why should I use Featurebase? You and your team probably receive feedback from tons of different channels - emails, live chats, Twitter threads, Slack messages, etc... However, it is only valuable when it's together in one single place. With Featurebase, all of your product feedback, bug reports and feature requests are gathered together on a public feedback board, so you can easily stay on top of it and make sure you build a product that your customers love.

    Take feedback from email, slack, figma, twitter, intercom etc and have it all be in Featurebase instead.

    Another big advantage of using Featurebase is the feature voting system. All posts on your public feedback board can be upvoted and downvoted by your users, so you can easily get a sense of what features you should prioritize. Featurebase makes sure you never build useless features that serve no use case. Need the feedback poster to elaborate on what he/she meant? Simply reach out in the comment section, and we will instantly notify the post author via email.

    Featurebase Public Board

    All the feedback posted will be categorized. We keep your users engaged by notifying them when you change the status of a post. You can connect your feedback board with a custom domain, there are also product roadmaps, changelogs and sooo many more features that will help you build a product that your customers will love.

    Oh, it is also Free to use! Yep, no free trial BS like the other feature voting tools are doing, you can actually collect unlimited feedback and access all the basic features for free. To unlock some of the pro features and remove all the limits it still costs only $25/month, which is over 10x cheaper than other feature voting tools like Canny.

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    Bruno Hiis

    Co-founder @ Featurebase. Building the best customer feedback tool on the 🌎.

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