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25. September 2023

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Featurebase Community ☕

We've just launched our official community on Discord.

Jump in to discuss features, seek support, catch the latest updates, or simply take a moment to relax and chat with us over a virtual cup of coffee. ☕

We can’t wait to connect with you guys!

Join the community ➜

12. September 2023

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Introducing Views 🧮

With our new "Views" feature, you can effortlessly save your filters for future reference, eliminating the repetitive task of manually setting them up every time.

Begin by adding filters from your Dashboard like before. Once you're satisfied, click the "Save filters" button located on the right. This action will create a new View.

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Following this, you'll notice a "Views" section added to your left menu.

Activate your saved Views with just a click from there!

05. September 2023

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Mentioning & Inbox rework 📬

We made it super easy to mention Featurebase posts, changelogs & users/teammates in any text box using the "@" keyword.

It uses a lightning-fast search engine to give you instant results.

All mentioned users will also receive a notification about it.

Inbox rework 📬

We've reworked the Inbox to give you a better overview of unseen notifications.

Now you can sort through different types of notifications and hop between already seen and unseen entries.

29. August 2023

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Filtering system & roadmap rework, upvoter view redesign & tons of other changes

The filtering system has been reworked to allow for much more modular options. All the filters are now kept in the URL as well, so you can easily share them with others.

Next up we're planning to release the ability to save filters, so you can effortlessly hop between custom feedback views.

Roadmap rework

You can now easily update post statuses straight from the roadmap page by dragging and dropping items into a new Status column. The roadmap now also supports many more filter options and the monthly and quarterly views have been heavily improved as well.

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Upvoter view redesign

The upvoter view has been redesigned to include identified user data and allow you to get a better overview of all the voters.

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Other changes:

  • View comment likers by hovering over the number

  • Posts on the public feedback board now open in a popup for a better user experience

  • Improved feedback portal widget design

  • Improved Linear integration

  • Activity feed for posts

  • Improved feedback board mobile view

  • Improved MRR sorting

  • + many bug fixes and minor improvements

20. August 2023

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Changelog popup

You can now showcase your latest app updates in a fullscreen popup, ensuring that your users are always in the loop about new features.

Both dark & light modes are supported and setting it up is super easy.

For existing changelog widget users:

To activate this feature, simply add the following lines to your initialization function:

Featurebase("initialize_changelog_widget", {
  organization: "yourorganization", 
  placement: "right", 
  theme: "light", 
  fullscreenPopup: true, // NEW - Enables the popup
  usersName: "John" // NEW - Uses the name for the Welcome back text

New to our changelog widget?

If you're not already using our changelog widget, check out how to set it up from our developer documentation.

01. August 2023

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Comment rework, weekly report, email redesign & more

We're excited to announce huge updates to Featurebase to start the new month off with a bang. 💥

Comment rework

The commenting section now supports unlimited nested replies, liking/disliking, and more sorting options to make having & catching up with long discussions a breeze.

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Weekly report for users

Users who have interacted on your feedback board now receive a notification about the top ideas that have been created this week to encourage more feedback sharing.

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Email redesign

We've given all our emails a fresh coat of paint to make it easier to keep up with new ideas and respond to users.

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And other stuff:

  • Change the Reply-To email address on notification emails

  • Assign posts to teammates

  • Add an update message along with status update emails

  • Change status without notifying users

  • Pin posts to the top of the feedback board

  • Notifications on public board

  • Zoom images

  • New marketing page

  • + many minor bug fixes and smaller improvements

16. July 2023

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Follow-up questions 🗳️

We're excited to announce a brand new medium for prioritizing feedback from your users.

Every time someone upvotes or creates a post on your feedback portal, they will now be asked follow-up questions to give you a better understanding of their needs.

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Currently, there are 3 types of questions that measure:

  • Usage frequency: How often would you use this?

  • Urgency: When do you need this?

  • Importance: How important is this to you?

For a comprehensive overview of all answers, simply open the relevant post.

To view people's answers individually, hover over the question cards.

21. June 2023

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Light-weight Feedback Widget 🪶

We're excited to introduce a brand new lighter-weight feedback widget that you can seamlessly embed into your app.

It comes with both dark and light modes and is perfect for making the feedback collection process super simple.

It also has a built-in screenshot engine that allows users to capture screenshots and edit them on the go.

Learn how to set it up from our help center article.

09. June 2023

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Private comments

We're happy to announce private comments to allow you to discuss feedback internally.

Now you can conveniently provide internal links to the feedback post from various external communication tools such as Slack, Intercom, etc. This direct linking capability helps to centralize discussions and creates a singular, accessible thread for feedback analysis.

29. May 2023

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New Changelog Widget ✨

We're excited to introduce a brand-new changelog widget that allows you to showcase the latest changes in your app in a lightweight and beautiful popup.

It supports both light and dark modes and adapts to your brand colors to look like a native part of your app.

The widget can be added in just a few minutes, simply follow this guide from our help center.

You can also view a live demo from our Dashboard's "Latest changes" button.

23. May 2023

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Changelog rework 💫

We're thrilled to release a complete rework of our changelog editor with massive improvements.

The new changelog editor now auto-saves all your work, so you never have to worry about it getting lost.

Furthermore, you can now add featured images to the changelogs to highlight the most significant changes.

The fresh design makes writing release notes so enjoyable you'll want to share every single update in your app.

We'll be releasing additional improvements and more features to the changelog in the coming days. Stay tuned!

20. May 2023

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Announcing Featurebase SDK, User Module & Segmentation Rework, MRR prioritization, API documentation, and more

We're super excited to launch huge improvements to Featurebase to help you manage and analyze user feedback even better. ✨

Here's what's new:

  • Featurebase SDK: You can now use our SDK to easily sync your user data with Featurebase to sort and view posts by custom attributes, user monthly spending, and more.

    Read more here ➜

  • User Segmentation: We've added advanced user segmentation to Featurebase to help you sort feedback by groups that matter the most. 

  • Get More Insights From Posts: The data you send to Featurebase about your users is now directly visible from the post view, so you always know who the feedback author is.

  • Prioritize posts from important customers: When you identify users, you can add their monthly spending. If that data is available, it is used to show you the total value of the post by adding up the value of all upvoters - enabling better feature prioritization.

  • User Module Rework: We've redesigned the User Module from the ground up to be more efficient and easier to use. 


  • Dropdown Improvements: We've made several enhancements to the dropdown menus for a smoother user experience. All important dropdowns now support keyboard shortcuts and allow you to manage posts faster.

  • Better API Documentation: We've launched our improved API documentation.

    Read more here ➜

Our goal is to make Featurebase the best possible user feedback tool, and we've got a super exciting product roadmap ahead.

30. April 2023

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Private organization rework 🔒

Featurebaes now allows your employees or support teams to track feedback internally.

You can set your organization private and allow access to only people with an email address associated with your domain.

This is great for ensuring your team is always up to date on ideas you are working on and it gives a central place for managing feedback or customer requests internally.

09. April 2023

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Status Rework 🟢

We've reworked post statuses to provide you with more customization options and better control over how you manage your workflow.

You can now easily:

  • Change the default status for new posts

  • Customize status colors:

    Image description

  • Hide completed and canceled posts from the public board to maintain a clean and focused view for your visitors:

    Image description

  • Easily filter between under review, planned, and active posts from your dashboard posts page:

    Image description

23. March 2023

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Tag Rework 🏷️

With the latest update, the tags have been reworked to allow you to use colors, hide them from public users, and quickly search or create new ones from any post.

Head over to your Featurebase Dashboard -> Settings -> Tags to add color to your existing tags.

You can also make tags private to hide them from all public board visitors. It's great for giving more context to a post internally.

To create new tags you no longer have to go to the settings. Just type the name of your new tag into the Tag dropdown input field and click "Create new".

17. March 2023

Faster engines, new features & affiliate program

Infrastructure upgrades 📐

Due to recently increasing server loads, we made significant upgrades to our infrastructure to enable faster loading times and greater reliability.

New features and bug fixes 💡

In addition to that, we shipped some features to help you manage feedback even better:

  • You can send metadata along with a post to identify what version of your app a client is using & other custom information

  • Reorder boards, statuses, and tags from the settings

  • Support for code blocks in the text editor

  • Fixed a bug with navigating to all posts from the public board

  • Embed Youtube videos (Support for all video types is coming soon)

  • Can now mark onboarding steps as completed from one button

  • Changed board prefilled content to use placeholder rather than text

  • Featurebase will continue tracking your Linear issue when you convert it into a project

and many other small bug fixes...

Affiliate program ⭐

We also launched our affiliate program. If you love using Featurebase and want to share it with others, you can now get a nice 35% commission for a year:

09. March 2023

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Slack integration

Our official Slack integration is now live!

Here are the possibilities:

  • Automatically send new Featurebase post notifications to a specific Slack channel and manage it from there

  • Send existing Slack messages to Featurebase with the "Send to Featurebase" shortcut button

  • Use the /featurebase command to send feedback to Featurebase from Slack

Learn more from our setup video and documentation.

06. March 2023

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Linear integration - official launch

Our Linear integration is now live to help you automatically push all new feedback to Linear and reflect development from your public feedback board & roadmap.

Here are the possibilities:

  • Sync Linear issues with Featurebase posts

  • Featurebase automatically notifies users when you change the status of their requested posts

  • Let people vote on features and have new feedback automatically appear in your Linear backlog or triage

  • Easily hop between linked Featurebase posts from Linear to clarify any use cases

Learn more from our setup video and documentation.

02. February 2023

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Post merging 🔗

You can now merge duplicate and similar posts into one.

You can merge posts from the top right "Manage post" section:

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When using post moderation, you can merge new pending posts into similar existing ones from the pending dropdown at the dashboard:

Image description

01. February 2023

A massive update - tons of new features and improvements to the Dashboard, Widget, Changelog, and Roadmap ✅ + Linear integration

We're happy to announce a lot of improvements and new features to Featurebase. 😊

Dashboard improvements:

The Dashboard has received an extensive rework with countless improvements.

  1. Select multiple posts and perform actions on them - You can now select multiple posts by hovering over the left side of a post and do bulk changes on them.

    Image description

  2. Change Status, Board, and Tags straight from the main view - Change post parameters straight from the Dashboard posts page by clicking on the Status, Board, or Tag element to open a dropdown.

    Image description

  3. New filters - Filters have been reworked to be easier to use.

    Image description

  4. Approve posts from dropdown - Rather than opening the post you can approve and reject posts from the main view.

    Image description

Roadmap improvements:

The Roadmap also received tons of improvements with this update.

  1. You can now change the Status, Board, and Tags straight from the roadmap view - This is similar to the changes on the Dashboard posts page.

  2. Quarterly and monthly roadmap - When you change the ETA for posts, you can visualize your product roadmap in a monthly and quarterly view now.

    Image description

  3. More filtering options & Reworked mobile view - You can now apply a lot of new filters to the roadmap view and the mobile view has also received a rework:

    Image description

Changelog improvements:

  1. Scheduling - You can now set an exact date and time for when you want your changelog to be released.

    Image description

  2. Reworked design - The changelog should now be more intuitive to use with new design changes.

Widget improvements:

  1. Widget light mode - The widget now supports light mode and defaults to the user's default system settings.

    Image description

  2. Improved design - The widget's layout has also received a slight rework with a nice gradient.

Settings improvements:

The settings page has been reorganized to make it easier to find stuff.

Linear integration:

Featurebase now has an amazing integration with Linear that allows you to sync the state of tasks between the two tools.

Learn more from Dashboard -> Settings -> Linear.

+ Tons of other bug fixes and performance improvements

This is just a small set of features that we worked on in January. 🙂

Expect tons of other polishing changes and new features in Q1.

17. January 2023

Default public board theme 🌗

You can now change the default theme of your public feedback board to light or dark.

This will force the theme of your public board to be light or dark (even if the user's system color scheme is different) and remove the theme selector.

You can enable it from Dashboard -> Settings -> Branding -> Default theme:

Image description

04. January 2023

📅 Estimated time of arrival (ETA) for posts & quarterly roadmap

You can now set a date/quarter for when you expect to release a new feature

Image description

Image description

This is incredibly useful for letting users know when to expect something new in your app.

Quarterly roadmaps are now also available

After setting ETA's for posts, you can visualize your quarterly roadmap from Dashboard.

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26. December 2022

Feature validator popup ✅

We are super excited to launch our feature validator popup.

Image description

Here's how it works ✨

1. Find a feature you want to validate and click "Validate feature" from the menu.

Image description

2. Copy-paste a few lines of code into your app and make the popup open from your desired button or element.

3. Preview how important a feature is and how many people have subscribed to receive updates from it.

Image description

4. You just saved a lot of time by not building a feature no one cared about. ✅

Read more about it from our documentation.

06. October 2022

🔥 Trending posts

You can now prioritize your product development by looking at what posts are getting the most upvotes each week/month.

Head to Dashboard -> Posts and choose 🔥Trending posts from the dropdown to try it out:

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09. August 2022

Prefill content for posts

You can now prefill the content section of a new post to get more structured feedback.

Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Boards -> Edit the board you want to enable it for.

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12. July 2022

Customizable statuses

You can now customize your post statuses from Dashboard -> Settings -> Statuses.

This is a great feature if your workflow has extra steps.

31. May 2022

Post moderation

In order to prevent spammers & inappropriate posts, we released the post moderation feature.

With post moderation, new posts won't be visible on the public board before you approve them.

You can enable this feature from Dashboard -> Settings -> Permissions.

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07. May 2022

Discord Bot

Add Featurebase Discord bot to your server and your users get access to the /feedback command to submit feedback, feature requests & bug reports straight from your channels.

Set it up from Dashboard -> Settings -> Discord Bot.

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05. May 2022

Post suggestions, and more minor improvements...

Post suggestions:

We are incredibly happy to announce this very important new feature.

With the new suggestions, there will be almost no duplicate posts (Posters are shown related posts).

Image description

Improved Typography Settings:

You now have more control over how your feedback board's Call To Action section looks.

Go to Settings -> Typography -> Description to find out more.

Sort posts by Tags:

You can now also sort posts using tags from your Featurebase Dashboard.

02. May 2022

Hide categories from roadmap & customize main board name

  1. You can now hide certain categories from your public roadmap from Settings -> Roadmap -> Excluded Categories

Image description

  1. You can also now customize your feedback board name from Settings -> Typography -> Public board menu button

Image description

29. April 2022

Embed Featurebase as a Widget

You can now embed your Featurebase feedback board, changelog, and roadmap as a widget.

Go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Widget to learn more.

Image description

27. April 2022

Vote on behalf of users

You can now subscribe users to post changes manually.

Click the Plus icon next to the upvoters to vote on behalf of users:

Image description

In the popup, you can see all the people that have subscribed, add new ones, and remove existing ones:

Image description

26. April 2022

Light mode for Dashboard

After a lot of requests, we have finally added light mode to the Dashboard. 😊

Turn it on from the bottom left menu:

Image description

24. April 2022

Improved feedback portal & notification emails

Email notifications & the feedback portal just got much much better 😊

Here is what we changed 👇

  • Post/changelog email notifications now include all the styling of the original source.

  • Redesigned all notification/service emails.

  • Improved design of the feedback portal, especially for the light mode.

03. April 2022

Single sign-on for Featurebase

One of the most requested features has finally been added to Featurebase. 🥳 You can now authenticate users with your own app's credentials. Read more about this feature from:

Dashboard -> Settings -> SSO.

17. March 2022

Featurebase V2.0

We are super excited to launch the biggest update we have ever made to Featurebase. This update is a complete redesign of our user interface & includes a lot of new extra features.

Here is a list of changes we made 👇

  • A complete UI redesign

  • Added Statistics page to the dashboard

  • Added Inbox page to the dashboard

  • Zapier integration

  • You can now create completely private organizations to manage feedback internally

  • Added rich-text-editor to post comments

13. January 2022

Anonymous commenting 💬

Your users no longer have to sign in to post comments. Enable anonymous commenting from Dashboard -> Settings -> Anonymous Comments.

Image description

26. December 2021

Customizable Call To Action section

You can now customize everything about the CTA section - the title, description, and button text as well! Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Call To Action Section to change the defaults.

13. December 2021

Add Tag When Creating Submission

With the new update, you can ask your users to categorize their feedback even more. To enable this go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Custom Tags and enable "Add Tag When Creating Submission". After that, all users can select tags when creating new submissions.

Image description

05. September 2021

User onboarding

Getting started with Featurebase just became a lot easier. New users now go through a simple onboarding tour to help them understand the product easier and faster.

19. June 2021

🔒 Private categories

After quite a lot of requests, we have finally added private categories. Private categories and posts made under it are only visible to admins in your organization, that way, you can keep track of some tasks internally. You can go to your Dashboard → Settings → Categories to create a new private category.

13. May 2021

🚀 5x faster load times! & Hide changelog feature

Featurebases' rocket engines just got upgraded. Feedback board load times just got over 5 times quicker.

Image description

Hide changelog feature

You can now hide the changelog page from your public feedback board if you do not wish to use it. You can disable it from Dashboard -> Settings -> Changelog Settings.

13. May 2021

🌚 New dark mode dashboard

You can now view your dashboard without burning your eyes :)

Here is a preview of the new design:

Image description

12. May 2021

Save changelogs as drafts & sort roadmap by categories

You can now save your changelog first as a draft to finish writing it up later.

Roadmap entries can now be sorted by categories, click on the chosen category above the submissions to do that.

08. March 2021

Unlimited Feedback & New Plan 🙌

Unlimited feedback 📃

All Featurebase plans now allow for receiving unlimited feedback. No more worrying about hitting submission limits.

Indie Hacker Plan 🐱‍💻

We are excited to announce a new plan in Featurebase that's meant for smaller teams looking to receive feedback at a low cost.

Here is what you get with the Indie Hacker Plan:

  • Unlimited feedback
  • Unlimited tracked users
  • One manager
  • 1 Category
  • Anonymous upvoting
  • Anonymous posting
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap

The cost of the new plan is 15$/month

Changes to old plans 🆕

We have changed some things around the the old plans. Here is what we did.


  • Unlimited feedback
  • Unlimited tracked users
  • 3 Managers
  • 3 Categories
  • Custom domain
  • Custom tags
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap

The new startup plan costs 25$/month. Old subscriptions will still remain at the old price, however.


  • Unlimited feedback
  • Unlimited tracked users
  • 10 Managers
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Custom domain
  • Custom tags
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap

New marketing page

We have redesigned our marketing page. Check it out at

19. January 2021

Custom tags 🏷️

You can now give your users a better understanding of the status, in which the development is at by creating and settings custom tags.