Collect all user feedback in one place, organize it, and prioritize what to build next

A public feedback board with user voting that helps you deliver customer-obsessed products better and faster.

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Radically simplify your user feedback loop. Capture, organize and prioritize feedback - all in one place.

Capture user feedback

Share your public feedback board with your users

Prioritize feedback

Let users vote on what features they would like to see next

Ship important features

Clarify use cases upfront to build the features users want

Happy customers

Show your customers that you care about their feedback

Capture feedback

Create your public feedback board

Stop letting ideas slip through the cracks. Collect, analyze, and organize feature requests and bug reports in your Featurebase feedback board. All in one place.

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Custom domains
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Visualize progress

Publish your roadmap

Publish your product roadmap to visualize everything that you are working on. Let your users see what features are coming next.

“Featurebase is incredible. Saves the crazy prices that Canny charges everyone. If you don't use a product like this - I highly recommend one! They are life-changing. ”

Stewart Barrett
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Publish changes

Create your changelog

Publish changes to your users, and show them that you are constantly improving your product.

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Powerful features to Supercharge your Product Development

Custom domains

Make your customers feel like they never left your website

Single sign-on

Let your users post feedback without having to authenticate

Dark & Light mode

Choose the theme that suits your eyes the best

No sign-up posting & voting

Let people join the conversation without having to sign in.

Private categories

Keep feedback board public, but manage some tasks internally.

Custom tags

Categorize posts further with tags to give more context.

Upvoting & Downvoting

Prioritize product development, see what your users want

Keep users engaged

Featurebase notifies your users when there are changes

Integrates with 1,500+ apps

Featurebase connects with more than 1500 apps through Zapier. Get automated notifications in Slack or add all new feedback to your Trello board - the possibilities are endless.


Start shipping features that make a difference

Capture, prioritize and analyze user feedback in one place to build better products for your customers.


The simple and free all-in-one feature voting tool for your customer feedback. Built-in the 🇪🇺.

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