Different ways to use Featurebase

Seamlessly embed Featurebase in your product and host it on your custom domain.

Option 1

Use public board to capture feedback & share your roadmap

Share your Featurebase board URL with others, and watch the feedback roll in. Connect it with your own domain, and automatically authenticate users through SSO for a seamlesss experience.

Embed through Widget

You can start collecting feedback straight from your own app. Simply add a widget to your application/website to offer a better, and quicker experience for posting feedback.

Embed Feature validator

Validate features and avoid shipping unimportant ones by embedding our popup to your app. Let users vote on how important it is to them and subscribe to updates.

Embed Featurebase through IFrame

Rather than having your feedback board on a separate page, you can add it directly in your own app. You can also automatically authenticate users with SSO for a seamless experience.

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