Integrates with your favorite tools

Featurebase integrates with your favorite tools to help you get the most out of your feedback board.

Zapier integration

Get automated notifications in Slack or add all new feedback to your Trello board - the possibilities are endless.

Intercom integration

Embed Featurebase in your Intercom messenger to capture feature requests, bug reports, and feedback.

Linear integration

Keep all user feedback posted on Featurebase in sync with Linear and automatically display updates on your public roadmap.

Discord integration

Your Discord users get access to the /feedback command to submit feedback, feature requests & bug reports straight from Discord.

Segment integration

Featurebase's integration with Segment lets you easily track all the event that your users make on your feedback portal.

Slack integration

Easily capture new feedback and receive new post notifcations from any Slack channel.

Start shipping features that make a difference

Capture, prioritize and analyze user feedback in one place to build better products for your customers.

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