The modern way of collecting user feedback

We founded Featurebase at the end of 2020 because the way we collected feedback at our previous startup was a mess.

The old tools in the customer feedback space were incredibly expensive, stagnant in development, and the interfaces sucked.

So we thought, what would a 10x better solution look like?

We ended up with something that's much more than just a feedback tool.
It's a space where companies can keep everyone informed about what they’re working on and collaborate with their users in an organized way to build better products.

Today, hundreds of teams use Featurebase every day to build incredible products together with their users.

We're just getting started and are excited to build the future of customer feedback with you.

- Bruno Hiis, Co-founder of Featurebase

The Team

A young & hungry team of 3 - based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Moving fast, caring deeply about our craft, and building products that people love is what we value.

We're a fully bootstrapped and profitable company.

Featurebase team

The Featurebase team (Robi, Bruno & Markus) at Marbella, Spain.