Here is why Featurebase is the best alternative

Featurebase is over 16x cheaper than It has a lot of extra customization options and helpful features that lacks.

Pricing that makes sense

$400 / month

Canny's new pricing model starts at $400 per month - that is unacceptable for most companies.


$35 / month

Capture unlimited feedback & access all the basic features for free. Pay $35 / month to access some extra features.

A powerful Dashboard

Featurebase is built to scale well with even very large amounts of data. View how many users are using your feedback board from the Statistics page and always be notified when there is new activity.

Featurebase Dashboard

Customizable feedback board

With Featurebase, there are no restrictions! Customize everything you like, from the board colours to CTA texts. With Canny, you can’t customize much and you are left with their design language.

Featurebase Board

Features doesn't have

Post & vote anonymously

Enable anonymous upvoting and posting to let people engage without having to sign in.

Dark mode

You & your users can choose the theme that suits your eyes the best

Embeddable Roadmap

Embed the roadmap on your website to let your users see the progress of your project.

Powerful text editor

With your users are limited to a simple textbox to write their feedback. With Featurebase users can write their feedback in a powerful rich text editor that allows them to add images, and links, make bullet points, text bold, italic, etc...

Featurebase Post

Start shipping features that make a difference

Capture, prioritize and analyze user feedback in one place to build better products for your customers.


The simple and free all-in-one feature voting tool for your customer feedback. Built-in the 🇪🇺.

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