An affordable & even more powerful alternative to

Featurebase is the affordable and feature-packed Canny alternative you've been looking for to collect feedback and communicate updates with your customers.

"We moved from Canny to Featurebase, and it's been one of our best decisions this year. We're getting so much more feedback from our users & our customers actually see our updates thanks to their popup changelog widget."

- Wilson, Founder of

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Companies of all sizes Featurebase

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Featurebase customer logo:
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All Canny's paid features for 8X cheaper

Canny has made it clear that they are moving upmarket and their paid plans now start at $400/mo. Featurebase is an 8x cheaper alternative that offers all the paid features and an even better experience for just $49/mo.

"We moved over from Canny due to price and haven't looked back. Our team agrees that it's *much* better than Canny."

- Robert Durrette, Founder of Ridgeline Agency

Private boards

Manage some internal ideas (boards) privately within your organization

Custom domains

Serve your feedback portal from your own domain

Auth with SSO & SDK

Automatically authenticate users with data from your own app

User segmentation

Divide your users into segments to restrict or allow access to specific topics

Access to multiple integrations

Get access to integrations with Intercom, Zapier, Discord, Segment, etc...

Post moderation

You will have to approve all posts before they are publically visible

Custom statuses

Create custom statuses to further organize your ideas and keep track of their progress

100+ other features

Custom domains, email white-labeling, priority support for all plans, API, vote on behalf, etc...

A feedback portal that's engaging

We've turned the bland-looking feedback boards into fun and gamified communities where users can engage with each other and feel like their voice is heard - resulting in much more feedback for your team.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Get deeper insights with follow-up questions

Measure feature importance and urgency with follow-up questions.


A widget for frictionless feedback collection

Embed a light-weight widget on your website to capture feedback & bug reports.


Leaderboards to gamify feedback collection

Featurebase's leaderboards help you gamify feedback collection and increase engagement.


Announce updates with changelog popups

Our changelog module takes announcing updates to a new level with a powerful editor and beautiful widgets that you can embed on your website.

"We want to increase new-feature adoption in our SaaS, so we've switched from Canny to Featurebase. Now our change log generates a 'what's new' modal like this. Users logging in see what's been added since last time."

- Olly, Co-Founder of

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Public changelog page

Serve your changelog on a public page or create your own via our API.


In-Product widget

Embed a light-weight widget in your app to seamlessly show users what's new.


Email notifications

Subscribe your users to receive email notifications about new updates.


A powerful Dashboard

We designed Featurebase to be really intuitive to use and help you manage/analyze large amounts of data with ease.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Loved by teams of all sizes

Join hundreds of teams that use Featurebase every day to collect, organize, and prioritize user feedback.

Couldn't be happier and wouldn't choose anything else (and I've looked at all of the competitors). Not just a nice & super responsive UI but a killer team that makes stuff happen in literally minutes vs. weeks or months.

Featurebase customer: Jascha Brinkmann.

Jascha Brinkmann

CTO at Sunvoy

Featurebase has been a game-changer. The ability to create dedicated customer portals for feedback and communication is fantastic. It's also been a breeze to communicate updates and manage feature requests. The team behind is incredibly responsive and helpful.

Featurebase customer: Daniel Amariei.

Daniel Amariei

Product Lead at Jobful

After testing multiple tools, Featurebase was the simplest, easiest, and most straightforward product feedback solution we found. We are using it for internal and external alignment. It has been super intuitive, and the team has been lightning-quick ⚡️ in feature requests!

Featurebase customer: John Tan.

John Tan

Product at Depict

Featurebase has been an invaluable tool to help me gather feedback directly from my users. I love the super simple UI of both the public board and also the admin dashboard. I can’t get over how easy it is to get up and running and the customer service can’t be beaten!

Featurebase customer: Perry Raskin.

Perry Raskin

Founder of BuyerDash

It’s awesome to be able to see such an intuitive application that suits our needs perfectly. We started using Featurebase for Tokun because we wanted to have a platform that can easily show to our customers what we’re working on, as well as give them the freedom to suggest features and vote on it.

Featurebase customer: Ray Chiao.

Ray Chiao

Founder/Project Lead at Tokun

Absolutely fantastic alternative to pricey and bloated competitors in the market. Support is absolutely on point. Great team working on this, hungry to make it work and drive the business forward.

Featurebase customer: Craig Sartor.

Craig Sartor

CEO at GameGlass

Hosted securely in the EU

Featurebase is hosted in Germany and we take data privacy very seriously. Under any circumstance, we do not sell your data to third parties and do not use any tracking tools.

Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.

Need more options?

We recently wrote a detailed article about the Top 7 alternatives to Canny. If you feel that Featurebase is not the right fit for you, you can check out the other options from our recent blog post.