Featurebase is the best Nolt alternative

Featurebase keeps the simplicity and cheap pricing of Nolt, while providing you with a lot more essential features that help you manage feedback better.

Preview of our feedback portal 👇

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

1. Nolt doesn't have important features - Featurebase does

No sign-up posting, commenting & voting

Let people join the conversation without having to sign in


Publish changes to your users. Show them that you are constantly improving your product.

Product Roadmap

View the progress of your product development and visualize what tasks are still in progress.

Suggest similar posts

Featurebase suggests similar posts to your users when they are posting to remove duplicates

Embeddable widgets

Embed feedback board, roadmap, and changelog on your own website through a widget

Vote on behalf

Add upvoters manually to subscribe them to new post updates

2. Better & easier to understand UI/UX

Nolt can be confusing for some users. With Featurebase we have put a lot of effort into making sure everything easy to understand - this also helps you get more feedback from your users. We support dark & light modes, and our UI is said to be the best of all user feedback tools.


468+ companies use Featurebase every day

People like you love using Featurebase

Featurebase has been an invaluable tool to help me gather feedback directly from my users. I love the super simple UI of both the public board and also the admin dashboard. I can’t get over how easy it is to get up and running and the customer service can’t be beat!”

Featurebase customer: Perry.

Perry Raskin

Founder of BuyerDash

“It’s awesome to be able to see such an intuitive application that suits our needs perfectly. We started using Featurebase for Tokun because we wanted to have a platform that can easily show to our customers what we’re working on, as well as give them the freedom to suggest features and vote on it.

Featurebase customer: Nikolas.

Ray Chiao

Founder/Project Lead at Tokun

Featurebase is an extremely useful app that allows us to gather and keep track of suggestions from our game's community in an organized fashion. From a game development perspective, it has everything we need, and they've also been quick to respond and implement our suggestions.”

Featurebase customer: Nikolas.

Nikolas Mueller

Tech lead at Curious Panda Games

3. A Dashboard that scales

With Nolt.io it is almost impossible to stay on top of large amounts of data. Featurebase removes that problem with a dashboard that scales incredibly well. You can effortlessly sort through all the data, view statistics, and keep track of new posts through your inbox.


4. Stunning feedback board & powerful text editor

With Nolt.io your users are limited to a simple textbox to write their feedback. With Featurebase your users can write their feedback in a powerful rich text editor that allows them to add images, and links, make bullet points, text bold, italic, etc...


Ready to switch from Nolt?

You can get set up with Featurebase in minutes. Reach out in live chat so we can import your data over for no extra cost.


The simple feedback tool with feature voting for your customer feedback. Built-in the 🇪🇺.

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