The best Nolt alternative for feedback collection & management

Is Nolt lacking features or is it hard to stay on top of feedback? Then Featurebase is the best Nolt alternative that you've been looking for.

"After testing multiple tools, Featurebase was the simplest, easiest, and most straightforward product feedback solution we found. We are using it for internal and external alignment. It has been super intuitive!"

- John, Product at

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.
Check out some existing feedback portals:Structured,CivitAI,Senja

Companies of all sizes Featurebase

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Featurebase customer logo:
Featurebase customer logo: Checkly.
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A scalable & powerful dashboard

Rather than being stuck on a narrow feedback board, Featurebase has a dedicated admin view that allows you to easily manage and stay on top of large amounts of feedback.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Designed to maximize engagement

Is the design of Nolt not really your thing? Featurebase turns bland feedback boards into striving communities, where users can engage with each other and feel like their voice is actually heard.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Publish changelogs

Boost new feature adoption with changelogs

Build a brand of constant improvement and make sure new releases don't go unnoticed.

If you're not announcing new features like this, you're announcing new features wrong. Moving to Featurebase has been one of our better decisions.



Founder at

Loved by thousands of modern teams

Join thousands of teams that use Featurebase every day to collect, organize, and prioritize user feedback.

Outstanding customer support

You talk to the founders of Featurebase directly. If you have any questions about Featurebase, need help, or really need a new feature, you can reach out any time via our live chat. Our average response time is 2 minutes.

Import all your existing Nolt data in a few minutes

Migrating from Nolt to Featurebase is super simple, just upload a CSV file from Nolt and you are set up!

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