Powerful features & enjoyable to use

Featurebase has a lot of features to help you prioritize new development ideas, collect feedback, and communicate changes with users.

Core products

Feedback boards

Collect feedback from your users through public feedback boards

Product roadmap

Publish your product roadmap to visualize everything that you are working on


Publish changes to your users, and show them that you are constantly improving

Feature validator widget

Validate features by lettings users vote on how important it is to them and subscribe to updates

Featurebase widget

Start collecting feedback, publish your roadmap and announce features straight from your own app


Custom domains

Let users access your feedback board, roadmap, and changelog on your own domain

Embeddable widgets

Embed feedback board, roadmap, and changelog on your own website through a widget

Embeddable feedback board

Embed your feedback board, roadmap, and changelog directly on your own website

Single sign-on

Sync your existing user accounts with Featurebase to offer an amazing experience.

Capture feedback through integrations

Integrate with tools like Discord to enable posting from chat through /feedback command.


Auth with SSO

Sync your existing user accounts with Featurebase

OAauth & email login

Users can easily sign in with their Google, Github, Discord, or email account

No sign-up posting, commenting & voting

Let people join the conversation without having to sign in

Feedback board


Add statuses to posts to organize what you are working on

User segmentation

Divide your users into segments to restrict/allow access to specific boards


Categorizes all posts to easily search for specific topics

Private board

Manage your board and its posts privately


Reach out in the comment section to ask additional questions

Private categories

Keep feedback board public, but manage some tasks internally

Custom tags

Categorize posts further with tags to give more context

Upvoting & Downvoting

Prioritize product development, see what your users want

Email notifications

Your users are automatically notified when you make changes

Suggest similar posts

Featurebase suggests similar posts to your users when they are posting to remove duplicates

Rich text editor

Write feedback in a powerful editor that allows them to add images, and links, make bullet points, text bold, italic, etc...

Vote on behalf

Add upvoters manually to subscribe them to new post updates

Sort posts

You can sort posts by categories, statuses, tags, date, etc...


Customize statuses

Disable/enable statuses that are visible on the roadmap

Customize categories

Remove categories that should not be visible from the roadmap

Hide roadmap

If you do not want the roadmap to be shown, you can hide it


Rich text editor

Write changelog posts in a powerful editor that allows them to add images, and links, make bullet points, text bold, italic, etc...

Email notifications

Featurebase notifies your users automatically when you post a changelog

Change branding

Customize the branding of the notification emails to suit your branding

Custom categories

Add custom categories for your changelog posts


Dark & Light mode

Choose the theme that suits your eyes the best

Customize text on board

Change different text on the board to suit your use case

Change branding colors

Use your own brand colors to customize the look of your board

Start building features that customers actually want

Capture, prioritize and analyze user feedback in one place to make better product decisions.

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