Simple yet incredibly powerful

Explore hundreds of features to help you capture, prioritize, and manage feedback while seamlessly keeping everyone in the loop about the latest changes.


Step 1

Capture and discuss feedback & feature requests with your users

Create your public feedback portal website or embed widgets in your app for a seamless experience.

Available in 7+ languages

Fully translated in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages.

Custom domain & branding

Serve the feedback portal on your own domain and customize it to match your brand.

Follow-up questions

Use follow-up questions to get more context on feedback and feature requests.

Sync user data

Easily sync your user data to Featurebase to tie feedback to your existing users.

Comment threads

Have discussions with your users to clarify and understand their needs.


Gamify feedback collection and highlight your most helpful users.

Auto-login users & setup SSO

Authenticate your users for a better experience with our Single Sign-On or SDK setup.

Private boards

Manage some feedback privately and only share it with your team.

Vote on behalf of users

Vote on behalf of your users to subscribe them to updates and keep them in the loop.


Step 2

Gather insights from the feedback

Prioritize feedback & feature requests with voting, segment feedback, assess importance, and track trending topics to find out what your users need.

Feature voting

Prioritize feedback & feature requests with upvoting and downvoting.

User segmentation

Segment feedback by custom groups to find out what the important customers need.

Measure urgency & importance

Follow-up questions measure urgency, usage frequency & importance of requested features.

Sort by monetary value

Sort posts by the amount of revenue each feature has.

Boards & tags

Organize feedback into boards and provide more context with tags.

Trending topics

Filter feedback by trending topics to find out what your users need.


Step 3

Manage & prioritize feedback

Our Dashboard serves as a central hub for analyzing, managing feedback, and keeping your users informed about the progress of their requested features.

Status update emails

When you update the status of a post, your users will be automatically notified via email.

Post moderation

Turn on post moderation to approve or reject posts before they are visible to others.


Use the @ symbol to mention users, posts, or changelogs.

Date estimates

Add ETA's to inform your users about when a feature will be released.

Rank by Value vs Effort

Rank posts by value vs effort to find out which features to build next.

Merge similar posts

Merge posts to avoid duplicate feedback and feature requests.


Step 4

Keep your users up-to-date

Featurebase simplifies communication on product and feature updates, making sure users are always kept in the loop about new changes.

In-app popups

Show in-app popups to your users when you publish a new changelog.

Powerful text editor

Use our feature-rich text editor to create beautiful changelogs.

Email notifications

Send email notifications when you publish a new changelog.


Add a lightweight changelog widget to showcase your latest updates.


Schedule posts to be published at your chosen specific time.


Only publish changes to specific groups of users.

Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.