An organized research library for developing new features

Featurebase has powerful tools to help you figure out what to build next. Prioritize feedback by upvotes, comments, importance votes, idea revenue potential, and more.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

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Find Impactful Ideas

Your users can upvote, comment, and answer follow-up questions on posts to help you figure out the urgency, importance, and revenue potential of each feature.

Prioritize by upvotes.
Users can upvote features to help you figure out which features are most important to them.
Prioritize by follow-up questions.
When users upvote a feature, they can answer follow-up questions to help you figure out the urgency, importance, and usage frequency.
Find out more context from comment threads.
Users can comment on features to give you more context on why they want a feature and how they would use it.
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Segment feedback by your user data

Sync your users' monthly spending, company name, and other parameters to help you prioritize feedback from users that matter.

Filter feedback by user segments.
Create custom user segments to filter feedback.
Rank by Revenue impact.
Sort feedback by revenue impact to help you prioritize features that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.
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Use a prioritization framework to rank feedback

For internal prioritization, you can use a prioritization framework to rank feedback by value vs. effort.

Highly customizable.
Change the scoring framework to fit your needs.
Visualization graph.
Use the visualization graph to find out what to avoid and what ideas to consider.
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Plugs into your existing tools and workflows

Integrate with tools like Intercom, Linear, Slack & others to organize user feedback and its context in one place while seamlessly keeping your customers updated.

Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.