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Featurebase has brought more transparency. The entire team knows where the feedback board is and what our users say. It helps us have a clearer understanding of user needs and pains.

Checkly is a synthetic monitoring solution that allows you to code, test, and deploy your monitoring at scale.


Checkly's problem statement was clear, stated Rikard Nilsson, Product Manager at Checkly.

"We wanted to get closer to our users and be able to receive and react to feedback in a transparent way."


While they had initially experimented with tools like GitHub projects, they soon realized the necessity for a more dedicated solution. This led them to discover Featurebase.

"It provided the right set of features without being bloated with things we did not need, and at a reasonable price."

Rikard described the setup as straightforward and simple.

"The team was responsive and helped us get up and running quickly!"

Although the product team is the main user of Featurebase, everyone at Checkly is encouraged to listen to the customers. Rikard said that the feedback board is a great way to start.

What's more, Checkly leverages Featurebase's public roadmap and changelog features, ensuring they keep their users in the loop about upcoming plans and recent developments.


Switching to Featurebase marked a turning point for Checkly. Their primary challenge was swiftly addressed.

"It has brought more transparency - the entire team knows where the feedback board is and what our users say."

In addition to that, Rikard pointed out Featurebase's user-friendliness and seamless adoption process.

"Give it a try! The implementation cost is low, so there's very little to lose and a lot of customer insights to gain."

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Rikard Nilsson

Product Manager at Checkly



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Berlin, Germany

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