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Featurebase's pricing is criminal - so much value for so little money. It's one of the true 'no-brainer' decisions in feedback tools. It’s better AND cheaper!

My AskAi provides AI customer support chatbots to SaaS businesses that are trained on all the company’s content, ensuring that their customers can get instant, accurate answers to questions 24/7.


Being a young startup, the price of the previous feedback tool was hard to justify, said Mike Heap, the Co-founder.

We were using Canny and found that for relatively simple features, it was very expensive

So they set sails to find an alternative.


Initially drawn to Featurebase for more affordable pricing, they were pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Since using Featurebase, we now believe it is a superior feedback tool at pretty much most price points.

And thanks to the automated migration from Canny, the feedback portal was live on their site in an hour.

We love the changelog feature, enabling us to share product updates with users in the product without clunky integrations.

Featurebase also suggests users existing similar posts when they submit feedback. This prevents duplicate requests and saves a lot of time.


With Featurebase, My AskAI has improved the adoption of new features thanks to the changelog pop-ups.

We can be sure that returning users are seeing what we are adding and how we're improving the product.

Mike also loves the thoughtfulness behind each feature in Featurebase, from the onboarding to the use of AI throughout the product.

Featurebase's pricing is criminal - so, so much value for so little money. It's one of the true 'no-brainer' decisions in feedback tools. It's better AND cheaper!

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