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Featurebase helps us maintain transparency with our users, prioritize features based on feedback, and deliver updates more efficiently without any unnecessary complexities.

Rolla is a social fitness platform that helps users track, compete, and have fun while working out - outdoors, indoors, and virtually.


Before Featurebase, Rolla didn't have a clear way of collecting user feedback.

"We were unable to effectively track requests and feedback from our users, which led to a lot of missed opportunities for improvement."

Igor Krezić, the Founder & CEO of Rolla, felt it was crucial to hear their customer's ideas to continue improving and succeed.


In search of a robust solution, Rolla explored multiple feedback tools. After a trial, they decided to stick with Featurebase.

"We felt that Featurebase provided the best value in terms of features, ease of use, and cost."

At Rolla, Featurebase quickly became the go-to platform for the QA/Support and product teams. They use it to track feedback, manage product roadmap, and communicate updates to users more efficiently.


Featurebase has helped Rolla foster transparency and prioritize features based on genuine feedback.

"Having a clear view of user feedback has saved us a lot of time in terms of product decision-making."

In addition to that, Igor loves how straightforward and simple to use it is.

"Featurebase offers everything we need without unnecessary complexities. Just give it a chance; you won't regret it."

Igor Krezić-picture

Igor Krezić

Founder & CEO at Rolla



Founded in



Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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