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We always have a database of new features to work on. Saves a lot of time since all the feature requests would have otherwise been emails.

Structured is the ultimate visual day planner app, helping people take control of their everyday lives with just a few taps.

It’s the #1 most downloaded day planner on Apple devices, with over 7 Million downloads.


The growing popularity of Structured brought with it an avalanche of feature suggestions.

"A lot of users were sending feature suggestions at a volume where we could no longer handle it manually."

The team needed a more effective way to sort and prioritize which features to implement.


In the search for a dedicated feedback community, Featurebase stood out to Leo for its design, price, and fitting functionality.

"The UI of Featurebase looked very appealing, and the feature set matched our needs. Also, the pricing was good for a small company."

The trial allowed the team to jump into collecting invaluable feedback and set up more advanced features later when they confirmed it's a fit. It was very easy to set up, said Leo.

"We are mainly using it for suggestions and to communicate to our users what features we are working on. Additionally, we are using the Changelog feature to host our release notes."


Featurebase transformed how Structured manages feedback.

"It saves us a lot of time since all the feature requests would have otherwise been emails."

It provides a dedicated platform for ideas, so instead of writing emails, users will see their feature on the list and upvote it.

"We always have a database of new features to work on with lots of helpful suggestions in the comments."

What he loves most is the ability to manually merge duplicate requests into one, as many users submit the same ideas using different words.

"Go try it and see what your users say. There is very little overhead to using it since you can easily link Linear issues with the request."

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