The most powerful & affordable bug reporting tool for modern startups

Capture bug reports through in-app widgets and save time with self-serve community portals that showcase already fixed issues.

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.

Companies of all sizes Featurebase

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In-app widget with screenshot engine

Embed our lightweight bug reporting widget in your app to capture bug reports and feedback from your users.

Best screenshot accuracy.
Featurebase has one of the most accurate screenshot engines and editors to help you understand the issue better.
Pick between a dark and light mode and change the primary colors of the widget.
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Link user data to reports for easier debugging

Your users don't need to create a new account to submit bug reports. Automatically connect their data to help you better understand the issue and reduce friction.

Identify & auto-login users.
Easily identify and auto-login users from your app to Featurebase using our SDK.
View poster info.
Easily view the poster of the feedback, their email, and more to help you prioritize better.
Set up Single Sign-On (SSO) to handle the entire authentication process from your own app.
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Reduce support loads with self-serve community portals

Our self-serve portals ensure users find an answer to already resolved topics before submitting a new report.

Our AI suggests similar posts to bug reporters and helps you effortlessly combine duplicate requests into a single thread.
Show a leaderboard of the most helpful users to encourage participation and engagement.
Make it your own.
Serve your feedback portal on your own domain and customize it to match your brand.
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Plugs into your existing tools and workflows

Integrate with tools like Intercom, Linear, Slack & others to organize user feedback and its context in one place while seamlessly keeping your customers updated.

Unlike any feedback tool you've used

Carefully crafted to the last detail, so you can collect & manage feedback without any unnecessary complexities.

AI Suggestions

Eliminate Duplicate Feedback With AI detection

Our AI helps you effortlessly combine duplicate requests into a single thread.


An unmatched experience

A dashboard you'll enjoy using - manage feedback with ease

Designed for modern startups that don't want to deal with clunky or complex workflows and interfaces.


Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.