A better way to collect, organize & prioritize feedback for GitHub issues

Create a user-friendly feedback forum that doesn't require users be developers to interact. Seamlessly sync it with the progress of GitHub issues.

Capture feedback

Create your public feedback forum and embed widgets in your app to frictionlessly capture new product ideas or suggestions on your existing GitHub issues.

AI-duplicate detection.
Avoid dealing with duplicate feedback by using our AI-powered detection.
Sync user data.
Users don't need to sign up for another account. Sync their data to automatically authenticate everyone and segment feedback.
Make it your own.
Serve your feedback portal on your own domain and customize it to match your brand.
Product screenshot

Automatically keep customers updated about progress

Users can upvote posts on Featurebase and get automatically notified when you complete an issue in GitHub.

Automatic email updates.
When you update a feature in GitHub, users who have upvoted it will automatically be notified via email.
Manually subscribe users to updates.
Subscribe users to specific GitHub issues or projects from Featurebase, Intercom, or some of our other integrations.
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Companies of all sizes Featurebase

Featurebase customer logo: User.com.
Featurebase customer logo: User.com.
Featurebase customer logo: Checkly.
Featurebase customer logo: Daybridge.
Featurebase customer logo: Tokun.
Featurebase customer logo: Usemotion.
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Featurebase customer logo: Fiberplane.
Featurebase customer logo: Screenstudio.

Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.