Prioritize & track customer requests better with our Zendesk integration

Keep track of how many customers request a topic, save requests as actionable tasks and automate follow-ups to always close the feedback loop.

Track Customer Requests Effortlessly

Every time someone mentions a certain topic (e.g. a feature request or reports a bug), you can open up the Featurebase tab in Zendesk to keep track of it.

Save requests as actionable issues.
Convert customer requests into actionable tasks in Featurebase that get synced with your issue management tools like Jira.
Sync information.
When you upvote or create a request on behalf of a customer in Zendesk, their information and email will be synced to Featurebase.
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Automatically Notify Customers About Progress

View all people who have requested a certain feature or reported a bug and notify them about the progress with a single click.

Automatic Email Updates.
When you update a feature in Featurebase or your issue management tool, users who have subscribed will automatically be notified via email.
Manually Subscribe Users.
Subscribe users to specific issues or projects directly from Zendesk.
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Prioritize Customer Requests Better

Rather than having feedback scattered across different chats, you can keep everything in one place and prioritize it based on data.

Filter feedback by user segments.
Segment feedback by user attributes like payment plan, employee count, etc...
Rank by Revenue impact.
Sort feedback by revenue impact to help you prioritize features that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.
Rank by Value vs. Effort.
Sort feedback by value vs. effort to help you prioritize features that are easy to implement but have a high impact.
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Companies of all sizes Featurebase

Featurebase customer logo:
Featurebase customer logo:
Featurebase customer logo: Checkly.
Featurebase customer logo: Daybridge.
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Featurebase customer logo: Usemotion.
Featurebase customer logo: Compass.
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Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

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