The Modern and Affordable Community Platform for Fast-Growing Startups

Give your users a voice with engaging & customizable community forums. Make it easy to send feedback, discuss ideas, and keep everyone up to date about the latest news.

"Featurebase is a great piece of software helps our community track our team's work meanwhile also adding their suggestions. Happy client for more than a year and will continue to use this for our project and features."

- Co-Founder at MO Chain

The Featurebase feedback portal showing already received user feedback.
Check out some existing feedback portals:Structured,CivitAI,Senja

Companies of all sizes Featurebase

Featurebase customer logo:
Featurebase customer logo:
Featurebase customer logo: Checkly.
Featurebase customer logo: Daybridge.
Featurebase customer logo: Tokun.
Featurebase customer logo: Usemotion.
Featurebase customer logo: Compass.
Featurebase customer logo: Fiberplane.
Featurebase customer logo: Screenstudio.

A seamless, on-brand experience

You can customize your community portal to match your branding and serve it under your own website or domain.

Automatic authentication.
Allow your users to automatically log in using the accounts they have with you.
Custom domains & embeddings.
Serve your community portal on your domain or embed it directly into your website.
Powerful API.
Build your own implementation on top of Featurebase with our API.
Show a leaderboard of the most helpful users to encourage participation and engagement.
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The modern community platform

Create an engaging community in minutes

With Featurebase, users don't have to download an app or sign up for another account. Simply share a link or add it inside your own website to get started.

Featurebase has brought more transparency - the entire team knows where the feedback board is and what our users say. Give it a try! The implementation cost is low, so there's very little to lose, and a lot of customer insights to gain.

Rikard Nilsson

Rikard Nilsson

Product Manager at Checkly

Organize, manage & prioritize ideas with ease

Rather than having all ideas scattered around, you can manage them as actionable tasks and prioritize them based on various factors.

Filter posts by user segments.
Create custom user segments to filter posts based on any factors.
Prioritize by upvotes.
Users can upvote posts to help you figure out which ideas are most important to them.
Integrate with issue trackers.
Connect your community portal with your issue tracker to create and sync actionable tasks with public community posts.
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Plugs into your existing tools and workflows

Integrate with tools like Intercom, Linear, Slack & others to organize user feedback and its context in one place while seamlessly keeping your customers updated.

Create your feedback community and give your users a voice

Capture feedback, prioritize feature requests & keep your customers in the loop - all in one tool.