Blog ComparisonsProductPlan Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It?

ProductPlan Pricing 2024: Is It Worth It?

Does ProductPlan's pricing feel too crispy? In this post, we'll dive into the details of each plan and ultimately find out whether or not it's a good deal for your use case. Stay tuned!

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Considering ProductPlan for roadmaps and product management, but the pricing feels too crispy? You're not the only one.

In this post, I'll break down ProductPlan's pricing and see if it's really worth your dollars. This is your one-stop guide for everything you need to know, so let's get started! 👇

Twitter illustration of complaints about ProductPlan being expensive.
ProductPlan's users take on their pricing.

In-Depth Look at ProductPlan's Pricing in 2024

ProductPlan offers pay-per-seat pricing with four plans to choose from:

Screenshot of ProductPlan's official pricing.
ProductPlan's pricing.
Note: They used to have a monthly billing option in 2023, but currently all plans are only available in yearly billing.

1. Basic ($39/editor/mo)

Like all other plans, the first plan includes unlimited roadmaps & viewers. Here's everything else you get:

  • Prioritization Board
  • Timeline & list roadmap views
  • 1-way integrations (Jira, Trello, Slack, GitHub, Confluence)

As the name suggests, it's suitable for basic roadmapping and product management, but most of you will likely need more advanced features and 2-way integrations.

For example, with 3 editors on the Basic plan you'll pay $117/mo and $1,404/year, since they only offer yearly billing.

You can get the same functionality from other competitors at half the price or even for free.

2. Professional ($79/editor/mo)

This is where ProductPlans real value starts kicking in. You finally get advanced integration possibilities and portfolio views for top managers. The key features of this plan include:

  • Portfolio Views
  • Custom Fields
  • Single Sign-On
  • API
  • 2-way integrations with Jira + MS Teams & Zapier integrations

For example, with 5 editors on this plan you'll pay $395/mo and $4,740/year, since they only offer yearly billing.

Note: There's a minimum license purchase that all applies to both the Professional and Enterprise plans, but ProductPlan hasn't specified the exact number.

3. Enterprise (contact sales $$$)

The primary incentive for larger companies to choose this plan is often the ability to also collect user feedback straight to their product management software. Other than that there's not much value added, except for some security reports. Here are the key features of this plan:

  • Idea collection & validation
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Pay by invoice

If you're looking to collect feedback, there are many more affordable tools ↓ available that also offer similar roadmapping features to ProductPlan.

Note: There's a minimum license purchase that all applies to both the Professional and Enterprise plans, but ProductPlan hasn't specified the exact number.

Who are Editors & Viewers in ProductPlan?

ProductPlan charges per editor, while all plans have unlimited viewers. But who counts as the editor?

  • Editors are admins who can create roadmaps, edit all items on them, use the planning board, and manage other's permissions. Editors are likely members of your product team.
  • Viewers can only see and comment on your roadmaps that have been shared with them. They're not able to make changes themselves. Usually, viewers are your customers or other teams, like customer success, that aren’t necessarily focused on product but help contribute ideas or need to stay aligned.

Does ProductPlan have a free trial?

Yes, ProductPlan offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. You get access to most of the features with the exception of certain Professional and Enterprise features.

After your trial, the account becomes “view only,” but your data is all stored safely in case you decide to upgrade later.

Does ProductPlan offer discounts?

ProductPlan has stated they offer discounts for non-profit and start-ups and to get the number, you'd need to contact sales.

This is new, as in 2023 they did not offer any.

ProductPlan pricing calculator

ProductPlan's exact pricing depends on the size of your team and the features you need.

Here are some pricing examples to help you understand what it will cost you. We also included a comparison with Featurebase, an alternative to ProductPlan.

1. Scenario: You’re an early-stage startup with 3 editors

Say you’re a smaller startup that's looking to set up a product roadmap to stay organized and manage ideas effectively. You need different filters and a Slack integration for notifying the team about the changes on roadmaps.

You'll likely go with the Basic plan, as you're on a budget and can sacrifice some more advanced features. It costs $39/editor/month.

Here's a table comparison for 3 editors in ProductPlan vs an equal plan from a competitor:

Monthly (3 editors) Yearly (3 editors)
ProductPlan $117/month $1404/year
Featurebase (for comparison) $40/month $480/year

Featurebase is 3x cheaper and even offers feedback collection for that price, which is only available on ProductPlan's enterprise tier. Learn more here →

2. Scenario: You’re a larger company with 10 editors

You are a larger business with a product team of 10, looking for an effective tool to manage companies product roadmap. You'll likely need a portfolio view, custom fields, and the ability to fit it into your existing stack, using 2-way Jira integration.

This means you'll have to go with the Professional plan, which costs $79/editor/mo.

Here's a table comparison for 10 editors in ProductPlan vs Featurebase:

Monthly (10 editors) Yearly (10 editors)
ProductPlan $790/month $9,480/year
Featurebase (for comparison) $124/month $1,488/year

Again, Featurebase is 6x cheaper. You get similar features and the ability to collect feedback and release changelogs, while saving $8,000 each year. Learn more here →

What if ProductPlan is too expensive for me?

Don't worry. You wouldn't be the only one. 🤒

Luckily, there are many affordable alternatives that offer the same features and more. Here’s the list of the 12 best ProductPlan competitors in 2024:

  1. Featurebase - All-in-one feedback tool, best value for money
  2. Frill - Simple design and lightweight widgets
  3. Canny - For super small or enterprise companies, no in-between
  4. Productboard - Best for issue management, poor collection features
  5. Olvy - Good for collecting feedback from around the web, no public boards
  6. UserSnap - Very customizable widgets, best for enterprise use
  7. Sleekplan - Most affordable pricing, limited features
  8. Rapidr - Feedback collection, good price for very large teams
  9. Skool - More of a community platform, but can be used for product feedback
  10. ProdPad - For larger companies, roadmapping and feedback collection
  11. Trello - Best for simple idea and task management
  12. Pendo - Complete customer experience software for enterprises

You can find everything you'd need to know about picking the best alternative to ProductPlan here, where we analyze the details of each tool and find out the winner.

But before you rush off to make your choice, let's also go over ProductPlan’s drawbacks that you should keep in mind when considering it or any of the competitors. 🔎

ProductPlan drawbacks to keep in mind

ProductPlan is a robust roadmapping software, but it lacks from other departments that are crucial for product management. Here are the key drawbacks to keep in mind:

  • Can't connect feedback to feature ideas
    While ProductPlan is meant for prioritizing feature ideas, there's no way to connect it with actual data like:
    • How many customers have asked for the feature
    • How crucial it is to them
    • Types of customers that want the feature - free plan, enterprise, etc.
    • How much revenue would shipping this feature contribute
  • Poor feedback collection - no boards & voting
    ProductPlan primarily focuses on roadmaps and lacks the features to collect and manage user feedback easily. Currently, the only option to get user input is a basic form with a title and description. There are no feedback boards, meaning customers can't see, upvote, or comment on peers' ideas. You can't directly engage with customers to clarify their ideas and more. Many feedback tools also offer in-app widgets that you can integrate into your site/product and collect feedback conveniently from there.
  • No changelog for product updates
    Aside from feedback collection, ProductPlan doesn't offer a changelog to showcase fresh features to your users. Sure, public roadmaps are one way to show what has been completed, but there are more intuitive ways to do it. Most alternatives offer a separate changelog page, in-app popups, and automated emails to ensure new updates reach your customers.
  • Expensive, with annual billing only
    Lastly, ProductPlan is an enterprise solution, and the price can get pretty crispy for smaller companies. They have seat-based pricing with annual billing only, requiring a large commitment upfront. For example, with 5 users on their Professional plan, you'll be paying $395/month and $4,740/year.

So, is ProductPlan worth it?

Short answer: If you're an enterprise just looking for roadmapping functions, then maybe. If you're anyone else, then no.

Longer answer: ProductPlan is an advanced roadmap software that challenges other enterprise solutions like Productboard and Roadmunk. That makes it potentially a great choice for certain larger teams.

However, their expensive pricing and limited features, make them unviable for smaller and medium-sized companies. It’s hard to justify paying $79/editor/mo just for roadmapping tool that doesn't let you collect feedback or publish release notes. Allwhile competitors offer these features for $40/mo or less.

Featurebase is one of the best affordable ProductPlan alternatives, offering roadmaps, feedback collection, and changelogs. It comes with a Free Plan that offers roadmaps and unlimited idea collection. You can automatically migrate over from ProductPlan in seconds, so there's no downside to trying it. 👇

Featurebase's product illustration.
Featurebase's feedback board