Best Nolt alternatives for SaaS startups in 2023

Looking for a user feedback tool with affordable pricing and lots of customization options? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll discuss some of the top alternatives to Nolt, including their pros and cons. So, let's get started and find the perfect tool Nolt alternative for your SaaS startup!

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Nolt's features

Nolt is a simple user feedback tool that makes it easy for companies to collect user feedback. It enables direct communication with your users and makes managing feedback painless with features like feedback boards and public roadmaps. It's a good fit for simple single-member product teams that have a small user base.

Nolt's feedback boards let you gather all kinds of feedback, like feature requests, bug reports, and more. Users can vote on what they'd like to see, making it easier for you to prioritize and build what's important. You can share the boards through a link or even add them to your website or app.

With Nolt's product roadmap feature, you can keep your users in the loop about your development plans in a streamlined list. They can see what you're planning, currently working on now, and what's done.


Nolt is a great option for small companies looking to start collecting user feedback. It's a straightforward solution with all the essential features to get you started.

Nolt's drawbacks

Nolt is a good choice for small companies with simple products that don't need to collect many different types of feedback (e.g. Feature Requests, Bug reports, General Feedback, etc...). However, if you need to gather a variety of feedback, Nolt has some limitations. Let's take a look:

Inflexible pricing


Nolt's pricing strategy can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Their trademark "$25/month per board, flat." is good for small startups that don't need more than one type of feedback and want access to all its features.

However, if you want more insights into what your users want, and keep feedback nicely organized in their own categories, this pricing can become expensive. For example, if you need 3 boards (Feature requests, bug reports, and feedback), the cost would be $75 a month. Now, at this price, there are countless better options on the market that offer more features at a lower price.

Limited set of features

The most crucial feature Nolt still lacks is the changelog, a popular feature almost every competitor has. But what is it and why is it so popular?

Changelog lets you publish changes in one place, and show your users that you are constantly improving your product. It's a clear and simple way to communicate important updates, such as new feature releases, to keep your customers informed and engaged.

Nolt also lacks smaller features like a feature validation widget and user segmentation.

No dedicated admin view

Nolt’s feedback board's admin view is the same as their public view. Therefore, managing large amounts of feedback can be incredibly annoying and take 5x longer than with other similar tools.

Because of that, when it comes to organizing and managing user feedback, Nolt probably isn't the best choice since they haven't put much thought into making sure it works well with large amounts of feedback.

Inactive dev team

Nolt is known for not pushing many updates. They fix a bug and add a little feature every once in a while, but overall their track record is not great. According to their own feedback portal, they only completed 4 user requests in all of 2022.

Users have also complained about the outdated UI/UX.


Nolt is a lightweight user feedback tool that's great for small projects but lacks the necessary features like a changelog and makes it impossible to manage large amounts of data. It also has an uncomfortable pricing strategy, pushing users to pay an extra $25/month for each new category of feedback.

If you have a larger team and need to access advanced features and integrations, then there are better options on the market. 👇

Top 7 Nolt alternatives in 2023

Now that you know more about Nolt and its pros and cons, it's time to uncover its best alternatives.

While there are actually around 20 alternatives to Nolt, we've filtered out the best ones by trying out all of them.


1. Featurebase


Featurebase is one of the best alternatives to Nolt. It has lots of features, a neat UI, cheap pricing, and many powerful integrations, with an industry-leading onboarding experience.

You can set it up in minutes and always get quick help through live chat, where you'll talk to the founders themselves.


  • ·Feedback boards, changelog, and roadmap
  • ·Feature validator widget
  • ·Feature voting with automatic email updates
  • ·Custom statuses, tags & boards
  • ·Vote on behalf
  • ·Custom domains
  • ·SSO
  • ·Dark & light mode
  • ·User segmentation
  • ·Website widgets
  • ·Tons of integrations, including Zapier, Discord, Intercom, and Segment


Featurebase's Starter Plan costs only $15/month, whereas Nolt's pricing starts at a whopping $25/month per board.

Moreover, with Featurebase's Pro Plan 5 feedback boards will cost you $29/month compared to Nolt's $125/month.

Nolt's offer only beats Featurebase if you need access to all their features from the start and can survive with only one feedback board.

Otherwise, considering the apparent price difference and the number of extra features, Featurebase's deal is a no-brainer!


  • ·Supports only English


Today hundreds of product teams like,, and are using Featurebase because of its many features, modern and easy-to-use UI, affordable pricing, and outstanding customer support.

You can give it a try for free and only continue using it if it's a good fit for your company.

Try Featurebase today →


2. Upvoty


Upvoty is a feedback management platform designed to help companies gather and organize customer feedback in one place. Like Featurebase, it's also an affordable and widely-used Nolt alternative.


  • ·Feedback portal, roadmap, changelog
  • ·Slack, Intercom, and Zapier integration
  • ·Dark mode
  • ·Widgets
  • ·Internal comments


Upvoty has quite a tricky pricing plan. Their starter plan only allows for 150 trackable users and 1 board, costing you $15 a month.

Most of you will have more users in a flash, so you'll need to upgrade to the 2nd plan, costing $39/month while also limiting users.

So in the end, you're likely forced to choose the MAX plan, which costs $75 a month. But, at this price, there are some better options like Featurebase, which will cost you only $29/month, while not limiting the number of users.


  • ·Tricky pricing
  • ·Aged UI/UX
  • ·Poor customer support. They rely on contractors and freelancers
  • ·Inactive dev team. As of writing this post, their last logged change was over 6 months ago


If you are looking for a more complete Nolt alternative that helps you get an overview of what features to build next, then Upvoty isn't a bad choice.

However, from many years of looking into different feedback tools, we can say that there are even better options on the market for even lower prices.

If you'd like to learn more, then check out these Upvoty alternatives →


3. Savio


Savio is a useful tool that allows you to centralize and organize customer feedback and feature requests. It can be integrated with many sources, such as support tools and CRMs. It offers both public and private voting boards to help companies with feature prioritization.


  • ·Feature voting
  • ·User feedback filter
  • ·Feature prioritization
  • ·Public and private voting boards


Savio offers a free 14-day trial after which you can choose a plan.

The first plans start at $49/month allowing for 3 teammates and go up to $199/month allowing for 20 members.


  • ·Poor UI/UX
  • ·No changelog tool
  • ·No roadmap tool


Savio is a simple feedback management tool that focuses more on managing and centralizing feedback rather than collecting it. It doesn't have many features, but costs the same or even more than other tools on the market. It's more suitable for small businesses that already collect feedback through different channels.


4. Hellonext


Hellonext is a customer feedback tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface, allowing companies to easily gather valuable insights from their customers. It's a good choice for startups that want to get into the world of collecting feedback.


  • ·Integrations
  • ·Custom domains
  • ·Public and private boards
  • ·Knowledge base
  • ·Custom statuses


Hellonext has a free plan that allows for two feedback boards with two admins. It includes the changelog and roadmap but doesn't allow customization.

The first paid plan starts at $49/month and gives you access to 10 boards, 3 admins, and unlimited customers. The plans go up to $99/month.


  • ·Few customization options
  • ·Dashboard can feel bloated with too many options
  • ·Expensive compared to other alternatives (full features plan $99/month)


Hellonext is a very valuable Nolt alternative, that has a modern user interface making managing feedback great. However, regarding pricing, you'll find a better deal from Featurebase or Nolt itself.


5. Aha!


Aha! is an enterprise product development software perfect for handling huge user bases. It provides a suite of product management solutions like feedback boards, roadmaps, and a collaboration platform.


  • ·Feedback boards
  • ·Roadmaps
  • ·Feature prioritization
  • ·Visualize plans
  • ·Collaboration tools
  • ·Progress tracking


Aha! is a very expensive tool that targets enterprise customers. Different Aha! modules are priced separately.

The Ideas module, equal to feedback boards, starts at $39/month per user, going up to $59/month per user.

You'll have to pay an extra $59/month per user for the roadmapping tool. This module goes up to $149/month per user.

If you had a team of 3 and needed both modules then it would cost you a minimum of $294/month. Ain't that fun?


  • ·Very expensive
  • ·Feature bloated
  • ·Complex learning curve for teams
  • ·Slow feature release
  • ·Limited segmentation. Impossible to segment by useful labels like MRR and Plan


Aha! Is ideal for large organizations that need a full product development suite. It's an expensive tool that gathers all the functions needed for product development in one place.

If you're a smaller company looking to collect and manage user feedback without filing bankruptcy, then other options like Featurebase will be more suitable.




Canny is a popular user feedback tool built for large-scale Enterprise customers. It offers feedback boards, prioritization frameworks, a roadmap, a changelog, and many other features.


  • ·Lots of integrations
  • ·Feedback boards, roadmaps, and changelogs
  • ·SSO authentication
  • ·Custom domain
  • ·Webhooks
  • ·Pinning important updates on posts


Canny has a free plan that's great for small teams who are looking to get started. However, their paid plans start at $400/month!

For reference, other feedback tools like Featurebase provide you with even more functions for just $29/month.


  • ·Expensive pricing - paid plans start at $400/month
  • ·No custom CSS
  • ·Poor UX
  • ·No dark mode
  • ·Customers complain about not being listened to


Canny is more suitable as an enterprise tool or for larger businesses. It's a good choice if you survive with their free plan and don't need the features coming with their paid plan. They focus on the high-end market, leaving no middle ground for regular users.

If you're interested in Canny but feel that it's not exactly for you, we recommend checking out these Canny alternatives →


7. Pendo


Pendo focuses on helping companies create the best software experience. Besides feedback boards and roadmaps, it helps manage user onboarding and includes product analytics tools.


  • ·Feedback boards
  • ·User onboarding
  • ·Product roadmaps
  • ·Product analytics, like tracking in-app customer usage
  • ·Net Promoter Score
  • ·Feedback filters


Although Pendo doesn't mention their pricing upfront, it's known that the Growth package costs around $1,000 a month.


  • ·Expensive pricing
  • ·Limited user segmentations
  • ·No custom CSS
  • ·No dark mode


Pendo is an all-inclusive tool designed to help large organizations create the best software experience. They are great if you're looking for everything you need for customer retention in one place and have lots of money to spare.

Otherwise, their prices are unjustifiably high and we'd recommend other more cost-friendly tools like Featurebase.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Nolt is a great choice for small companies that are looking to start collecting user feedback.

However, it's a standardized solution that doesn't have lots of features, including a changelog. Due to the admin view being the same as the public view, managing large amounts of data is practically impossible. Additionally, Nolt's pricing can get quite expensive if you have a larger team and need multiple boards.

Each of the listed alternatives offers different features and integrations, so be sure to consider your specific needs before deciding. And, don't hesitate to try out a few of them to find the perfect fit for your SaaS startup!

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