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How to Collect & Track Intercom Feature Requests

Looking for a better way to stay on top of all the feature requests in your Intercom's live chat? You're in the right place! In this post, we'll go over the best ways you can collect and prioritize all of the feedback you get from Intercom.

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Collecting feature requests & bug reports with Intercom.

Collecting and managing customer feedback can be overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re using multiple tools and channels.

Without a streamlined process, you lose out on valuable insights. This lack of organization leads to missed opportunities for product improvement.

Integrating Intercom with Featurebase simplifies feedback collection and management. This guide will show you how to leverage this powerful combination to enhance your product and user satisfaction.

How to collect feature requests in Intercom

Intercom is a powerful tool for engaging with customers and collecting feedback.

Organizing the piles of user feedback through chat can be an uphill task, though. It’s difficult to keep track of it all, much less rank or analyze it, when it’s scattered around chats.

This is where Featurebase’s Intercom integration can solve a major pain point. It lets you smoothly direct feedback from Intercom’s live chat to your voting boards.

As a result, you have all that feedback in one place, ready for sorting, prioritizing, and analyzing! Users will also get email notifications about the status of their requests and will always know once it’s shipped.

Featurebase's feedback portal with voting boards and roadmaps.
Featurebase's voting boards are excellent for organizing feedback from live chats.

How Featurebase’s Intercom integration helps manage feature requests & bugs

Let's go over the three key ways to collect feedback through live chat and analyze it in one place. After this, you will understand the power of tracking Intercom feature requests with Featurebase.

1. Users can submit feature requests via Intercom Widget

If you're already using Intercom, you don’t need a separate feedback widget. With our Intercom Integration, your users can submit feedback to voting boards straight from Intercom's own interface.

Featrurebase's intercom integration.
Users can interact directly with Featurebase through the embedded view in Intercom.

Aside from submitting requests, they can upvote features and view the latest updates, all in one interface.

2. Create new requests and subscribe users to existing ones for updates

You can subscribe users who request features to specific posts in Featurebase. This feature is especially powerful for keeping your customers in the loop.

To do this, search for the relevant request in the Featurebase view and click the vote button. This action adds the user as an upvoter for that post and informs them of any progress or updates.

Subscribing users to Featurebase posts with Intercom integration.
Click on the vote button to add the user as an upvoter and keep them in the loop.

If the requested feature doesn’t already have a post, you can create a new one directly from the Intercom messenger. In this way, you can maintain a seamless feedback loop.

3. Prompt your customers for feedback and ideas

You can send prompts to users via Intercom Messenger to encourage feedback from them. This proactive approach helps gather valuable insights and suggestions from users.

Featurebase Intercom integration prompts.
Sending prompts to users is a great way to boost feedback collection.

Engaging customers through prompts can increase the volume and quality of feedback you collect. As a result, you get access to a richer pool of data for product development.

By the way, here's the setup guide for the Featurebase ↔ Intercom integration.

Why do you need a feature request tracking system?

The Intercom integration is just one of the key benefits of a good feature request tracking system. Once you collect and organize all the feedback from your customer support chats, you can further process it for deeper insight.

Let’s take a quick look at five crucial ways in which a comprehensive feedback-tracking tool like Featurebase can be a game-changer for you.

1. Better organization & Prioritization

Feature tracking tools enable you to categorize and prioritize requests efficiently.

You can sort feedback based on various criteria to determine its relevance. This structured approach ensures that you develop the most critical and beneficial features first.

Filter user feedback by customer segments and revenue for better analysis.

A feedback management tool like Featurebase makes this kind of prioritization easy.

It allows you to segment feedback by metrics like popularity and customer revenue. As a startup, you want to focus on the most popular requests coming from your most high-value customers.

2. It helps close the feedback loop

Closing the feedback loop is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction. 

A customer feedback loop inforgraphic
The customer feedback loop

A feature request tracking system allows you to keep users informed about the status of their suggestions. It arms you with the right changelog tools to keep your customers in the loop about any changes you’re making.

With Featurebase, for instance, you can create custom changelogs to update your users. You can also send different updates to different users and let them react or leave comments.

Featurebase also offers handy in-app changelog widgets for effective product updates.

3. It simplifies feedback collection

A feature request tool streamlines the process of gathering feedback from various channels. 

Instead of sifting through emails and support tickets, you can centralize all feedback in one place. This organization saves time and ensures you don’t overlook any valuable suggestions.

For example, tools like Featurebase allow users to submit feature requests directly through a public portal. This customizable central hub automatically organizes feedback for you.

Civitai’s public feedback portal, with upvotes and a leaderboard (made by Featurebase).

With upvotes, helpful filters, and a leaderboard, you can easily organize and segment user feedback.

4. It connects you with your customers

Using a tracking system helps you stay connected with your customers. 

When your users see that you are taking their feedback seriously, they feel valued and heard. This transparency builds trust and strengthens customer relationships. 

For instance, by allowing users to vote on feature requests, you can show that you prioritize their needs. This practice encourages a sense of community and engagement.

5. Fits perfectly in your existing stack

The best feedback-tracking systems help you make the most of the tools around you. 

In addition to the Intercom integration, we offer Jira, Clickup, Linear, etc., to ensure that Featurebase perfectly fits in your stack. 

A good example of how Featurebase is often used with these integrations:

  1. Get feedback through Intercom (live chat or widget)
  2. It’s pushed to Featurebase’s voting boards
  3. Users vote and comment on these ideas (you can see the total voters' revenue of a request)
  4. If you decide to implement a feature request, you can push it to Jira, Linear, or Clickup for your development team
  5. Once they ship the feature and change the status to “completed”, all of the upvoted users will get an email notification about it via Featurebase.

Therefore, Featurebase integrates seamlessly with your existing tools to enrich feedback with your customers’ opinions and data. As a result, you can collect, prioritize, and act on feedback efficiently, leading to better product development.


Intercom is an invaluable tool that helps startups connect with their customers 24/7. The platform’s omnichannel support offers various means of feedback collection, including live chat.

With Featurebase’s handy Intercom integration, you can collect feature requests and bug reports in one place to prioritize them effectively.

Featurebase also automatically keeps all of your users in the loop about the status of their requests via email.

Don’t let impactful customer feedback slip through the cracks. Try out Featurebase for completely Free today →